Beyond Avon from this week focuses on the Ohio State attack on Monday, Dakota Access Pipeline protestors refusing to leave and President-elect Donald Trump threatening to end ties with Cuba. 



Guess Post from former Shield Editor Natalie Redmond

Hello there. I didn’t block you on Facebook.

I’ve been watching what you’ve been up to, watching as your feelings progressed in this election cycle.

I’ve watched you support your favored Republican and then, often begrudgingly, switch your choice around as the race narrowed and our country’s divide widened. Many of you voted for Donald Trump. Many of you cast that vote half-willingly and posted about it afterwards, as if you owed the world an explanation…or else, defiantly, since you knew your liberal friends would look at you with paranoid eyes.


By all means, I am a fan of the Christmas season and all that comes along with it… but my appreciation begins December 1, no sooner.

I’m not being a hater, I do appreciate hearing “This Christmas” and all alike, but just around Christmas time. People start counting down the days until Christmas back in July, especially don’t retailers.



Here is an inside look of Rochester College and what a few students think about the school and the campus. Are you RC? Filmed by Brooklyn Weaver. Edited by Danielle Smith.