The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is completing a five-part strategy to determine whether Flint’s water is still contaminated with lead. 

The state will do residential water testing, blood testing and overall testing of Flint’s water distribution system. State officials have announced that water samples from 5,000 homes have been tested and about 94 percent of these samples were below the “actionable level” of 15 parts per billion for lead. 



Friday mornings are more than just waking up for class, it's game day for the hockey team. Even after a late Thursday night practice, all we are thinking about is preparing for game day.

Preparing yourself throughout the day consists of getting three healthy meals, mentally preparing and thinking positive. It is important to stretch and keep the legs loose by not sitting around all day. The day usually consists of some of the team going to the gym for a stretch and light bike ride.


Parker Assumes Leadership of Humanities Department

A light flickers on as she walks out of the rain and into the confines of her office. Tucking her short brown hair behind her ear and wiping the lenses of her glasses, she anxiously scurries around to find her phone as it appears to be misplaced. For Dr. Catherine Parker, the new associate dean of the School of Humanities, her busy day is underway.

Parker replaces Dr. David Keller upon his retirement at the end of 2015, and says the transition has gone well. 



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