I have written the Beyond Avon section for three years hoping to inform RC students with news happening in the United States and around the world. I was lucky enough to be born in Belgium and live for seven years in England and two years in Australia. These experiences forced me to look at the world from many different points of view. I’ve seen the world through the eyes of the dramatic and pessimistic British, the outgoing but always chill Aussies and the proud and passionate eyes of my first-generation Icelandic grandma.  



Buddy Shuh, pastor at Merge Community Church arrived at Rochester College Thursday Dec. 1st to share his experience on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.


In the market for a camera this holiday season? If so, I'm here to inform you on why it would be best to purchase a digital single lens reflex camera rather than a point and shoot camera. 

When it comes to disadvantages of a point and shoot camera versus advantages of a digital SLR camera, the decision making process between the two becomes evident.



Here is an inside look of Rochester College and what a few students think about the school and the campus. Are you RC? Filmed by Brooklyn Weaver. Edited by Danielle Smith.