Lyric, Lyric on the Wall: “I’ll Find You” by Lecrae

A segment where RC students, faculty and friends interpret modern lyrics into daily meanings.


By Jordan Deane
Staff Writer

"They say fear haunts and pain hates, I say pain strengthens and fear drives faith."

Moriah Deane, sophomore
Clawson, Michigan

"I mean it can go both ways. As a follower, we are not supposed to have fear. But if you do have fear, let it drive you. The only thing I disagree with is you don't have to have fear to be driven."

Ellis Rabb, senior
Pontiac, Michigan

“There are two different perspectives here. The first half, people will often remember the bad things will happen. Because of that, they will have fear and avoid those situations. Pain will oftentimes lead people to hate in self-defense. The second half—pain from something can help build your character. Fear that drives faith is the other side of the coin as opposed to letting it haunt you. It can draw you more to your faith.”

Madison Kolke
Administration Assistant for Admissions
Clinton Township, Michigan

“It’s kind of true that pain strengthens you when you go through something like that no matter what it is. You go through pain, you eventually have to get over that pain and then other things that happen like that, you’ve been through this before and build somewhat of a tolerance. I do think it strengthens you and leaves you better able to help others who go through things like that. And then fear drives faith. I think that is true as well. When we are afraid of things when things are happening badly, not any specifics, but if bad things are happening to you in a certain place, the first thing people do is to pray.”         

Annika Huey, senior
Pontiac, Michigan

“I would say this is true. Except sometimes in some extreme cases, I feel like pain doesn’t strengthen you because it could kill you. But it could strengthen the people around you... Fear can drive faith, but courage can also drive faith.”

Tracey Vineyard, junior
Flint, Michigan

“I mostly agree with it. I do think pain strengthens. I think people that let it consume them get weaker, but people who learn and live and move on from pain, it really strengthens and grows them as people. But I think when it comes to fear driving faith, personally, I believe that more love and overcoming fear is what drives faith itself. I don’t believe in fear teaching, mongering and basing a relationship off of fear, even if it’s a respectful fear.”