Q&A with Sarah Sager


An interview with Makenna Calkin

Sarah Sager began working at Rochester College as the Area Coordinator of AG at the beginning of the spring semester for the 2017-2018 academic year. She graduated from Great Lakes Christian College, majoring in Bible theology and minoring in cross-cultural ministry, and is very excited to be working at RC. She is always active to try to get to know everyone and is an amazing person to talk to and to hang out with.

Q - What brought you to RC/how did you find us?

A - Well, I wanted to stay in Michigan and I wanted to work with some form of higher education. When I was in College, I was an RA for 2 years. I loved it and I decided that I wanted to do something similar as my job. I ended up finding out about RC when I found an ad on a Christian job board that said they were hiring.

Q - How are you enjoying RC so far?

A - I love it! It’s fun! I’m loving every second even if I am still trying to adjust

Q - What is your favorite thing about RC?

A - I love the community feel. I loved being involved when I was in college. Now, I can spark involvement and oversee things. It’s like I’m still apart of everything but from a new angle.

Q - What has been your favorite memory so far?

A - We were about to have an RA meeting and I was excited to start off by playing spoons. I almost won but halfway through one of the spoons split while two of the RAs tried to grab it! We all just lost it.

Q - What is one thing you wish you would have known coming into this job?

A - I wish I would have known how thin the walls are! I can hear third floor all the way from my apartment! I also wish someone would have told me that AG is haunted! I would have called Ghostbusters or something

Q - As a residential director, what are some ideas of events or anything that you would like to do next year?

A - I want to host craft night where we can watch movies and craft like crocheting, knitting, anything crafty. I also want to do minute to win it challenges or even game Olympics with different games or challenges like from Silent Library. TO make things interesting it would all be floor vs floor or something.

Q - Are you excited for the upcoming year?

A - Yes! I’m excited to see what a summer at RC looks like. I’m really excited for the fall semester with everything going on like homecoming week, pledge week and even being able to help with planning everything. I also really want to see Wally the Warrior.

Q - What are some things you with more students knew about you?

A - I want people to know that I like being a part of things and doing more on campus. I want them to know if my door is open then it’s cool to come play games with me or even to just hang out in the lobby. I also really like Harry Potter and Jesus.