6 holiday themed items to get you ready for Christmas

By Taylor Isenberg
News & Opinions Editor

The Christmas season is fast approaching and many have already begun to celebrate. Here are six items to get you in the Christmas mood, with links to those items.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

Whether you’re in the dorm or on a budget, Wallflowers are an easy way to bring the smell of fresh gingerbread or cinnamon to the room of your choice. Simply plug the fixture into the electrical socket and enjoy holiday scents on a snowy day.

Winter themed fuzzy blanket

Get yourself a fuzzy blanket to cozy up to when the “weather outside is frightful”. These come in a few holiday patterns including ones with snowmen, holiday trucks, or pretty blue snowflakes.


In my family, getting holiday pajamas on Christmas Eve is tradition. However, I’ve been getting my own holiday pajamas to enjoy way before Christmas. Here are my favorite pair of pajamas for the holiday season. This comfy henley pajama set has Boston terrier dogs who are dressed in winter accessories or reindeer antlers. Even if you don’t have a Boston terrier, these are super cozy and festive.

Reindeer Build A Bear

Head to your local Build A Bear and bring to life one of Santa’s reindeer. Choose your reindeer and pick out a free name tag.

Mini Christmas Tree

If you’re in a small space or on a budget, get a mini Christmas tree. At only $8, you can choose between Silver, White or Gold. You can even purchase mini ornaments, or a mini star to decorate your tree.

Cabin Socks

Cozy up to the fire wearing your fuzzy cabin socks. If you’re at your cabin or on the couch, these will make sure your feet aren’t cold this winter season.