10 flowers for beginner gardeners


by Jennifer Martlock
Staff Writer

Spring is a long way away, but that does not stop individuals from planning ahead, especially when it comes to their gardens. For first time gardeners, it can be hard to know where to start since some flowers are harder to care for than others.

Below you will find 10 flowers that are easy to care for when planning for your first garden.  


Marigolds are great flowers to have because they can handle dry weather. They can be planted in late spring and last all the way to early fall. Marigolds also do well in poor to average soil. They are excellent flowers for beginners, especially children.


Sunflowers grow best in direct sunlight and are resistant to pests and droughts. They are resilient and have been known to grow from seeds that had fallen from bird feeders. The seeds are toxic to other plants, so they should be kept separate in your garden.


Lilies are flowers that you will want to invest in because they return every year. They are planted in the fall and start blooming in late spring or early summer. It is recommended to buy the bulbs close to planting time.

Black-eyed Susans

Like lilies, black-eyed susans are annual flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer. It is best to plant them in the full sun, but they can still grow in partial sun. These flowers are often planted bordering homes.  


Wild violets can be cultivated and are great flowers for beginners as well. They are a self-seeding and annual plant. However, they can be invasive in a garden. For cultivating, it is recommended to set barriers for the flowers and trim them back to prevent them from spreading.


Roses grow from a bush annually, making them a staple in gardens. While they require more work than other flowers on this list, roses can be a lasting addition to the garden, making them a worthwhile flower. Plus, there are many varieties of roses that are perfect for beginners.


Primroses are a lovely early spring flower. They grow well in lightly shaded areas and require regular watering. If a problem occurs, it can be easily fixed by either amending the soil with compost or replanting the flower in an area with better drainage.


Pansies are a hardy flower that can survive a hard frost, which makes them perfect flowers for early spring. They require regular watering, so check them at least once a week. Pansies prefer cooler weather, so it is best to grow them for the early spring or late fall.


Daffodils are strong spring flowers that are planted in the fall. They work well as border flowers and can even be grown in a large field. Once planted, daffodils regrow the next spring.


Cosmos are a summer flower that grow well in even poor soil conditions, making them good flowers for beginners. They do not require any soil additives to grow. Cosmos can stand drought and even neglect, so they are unlikely to die if you miss a watering.