6 tips to stay healthy during flu season


by Devon Williams
Staff Writer

With winter approaching, people tend to drop like flies due to the crippling grips of flu season. If you do not properly take care of your body, you are at risk of falling victim to the flu. Below, you will find six ways to help keep your body healthy and prepared for flu season.

Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently

Though it may seem like common knowledge, many people neglect to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands. This can result in sickness, especially at this time of year. Your hands carry a significant amount of germs; if you touch your face or any public surface, you are at a greater risk of getting sick. Wash your hands.

Get Vaccinated

Yes, we all know that getting a shot in the arm is never a pleasant experience, but it can ultimately save you from sleepless nights of sniffling and aching. Getting vaccinated is one of the greatest ways to avoid the flu, and they are cheap. So go to your local pharmacy and get that flu shot.

Avoid people who are sick

Another great way to avoid getting the flu is to avoid people who are sick. Though this may be a challenge, especially if you have a loved one who is sick, try your best to avoid any physical contact with them. If you do make contact with a person who is sick, be sure to sanitize yourself.

Keep your surroundings clean

When flu season comes around, it is important to keep yourself and your possessions as clean as possible. This includes clothing, bedding, and any other objects you encounter on a daily basis. While you should keep your belongings clean anyway, at this time of year it is more crucial to do so.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is important to stay healthy at all times, but when it comes to flu season, you need to bring your “A” game. A healthy lifestyle means eating right, getting adequate sleep, and even physical exercise. If you maintain these guidelines, flu season will be a breeze to overcome.

Avoid getting too cold

Being indoors during the winter can get unbearably hot at times, so opening a window can provide relief. However, too much cold air puts you at risk of getting the flu. To avoid the flu, stay warm and limit the amount of cold air you endure.

If you follow these six tips, worrying about flu season will be a thing of the past.