Trump's Twitter Use Transmits Ideas, Creates Controversy

by Collin Crosby
Shield Staff

President Donald Trump has been anything but quiet on social media. He has stirred up the social media world with his unfiltered opinions and has fired back at celebrities and critics through his Twitter feed.

Trump is the second active president to have a Twitter account during his presidency, following in the footsteps of President Barack Obama.  Obama’s Twitter handle, @BarackObama, was run by his campaign staff during both his electoral campaigns. He tweeted very little from the account himself, according to Rolling Stone magazine. Obama was handed the @POTUS account when he took office, and he tweeted from the account himself. 

Trump has actively used his Twitter feed to communicate. He tweeted from his own personal account during the election campaign, and at times, he probably should have called upon his staff to oversee the tweets he sent out.  Several of his tweets directed at his opponent or at celebrities, such as actress Meryl Streep, commanded the news feed for several days. 
Now with the change of office from Obama to Trump, the @POTUS account was handed off to Trump, and many wondered if Trump would still use his personal account.

Well, not even a week into the presidency, Trump began using both accounts. Trump has retweeted his own tweets from the @realDonaldTrump to the @POTUS account. 
While the @POTUS account is run by his social media staff director, Dan Scavino Jr., Trump occasionally tweets from the account with his tweets signed — DJT. His main use of Twitter is still through his personal account.

Twitter is a useful tool to speak to a mass amount of people, but it also is an effective way for people to communicate back to an elected leader, such as a president, senator or congressperson. 

Junior Danielle Smith, a mass communication major from Oxford, Michigan, says she believes Twitter is a convenient way for young voters to say what they need to say without writing a senator because they might be too lazy to write a letter or call their senator.

Junior Kenjoshua Jones, a broadcasting major from Macomb, Michigan, believes Twitter is a great way to communicate with the president because it is short and concise.

Junior Taylor Hice, an Interdisciplinary studies major from Auburn Hills, believes the use of Twitter is twofold. “Twitter is one of those tools that can be very powerful in a good way and really harmful in a negative way,” she said. “It all depends on how the person is using it. If the president is using Twitter in a positive way to keep people, especially young people, updated with what is happening in the oval office, I think it is wonderful. If the president is using Twitter as a way to cut people down or to pit groups of people against one another, I think it is highly detrimental.”

All in all, social media is now a factor in our society, and Trump’s use of Twitter has made it an even larger communication tool.  I believe that social media is really important to utilize because our nation is social media driven. We each should take responsibility to make sure we are informed and responsible online.