Chapel, Swipe or No Swipe?

by Makenna Calkin
Shield Staff

Chapel Spring Semester 2017   

Chapel can be either the best or the worst time of the week depending on each individual student’s opinion, but one way to quickly improve everyone’s opinions about chapel would be to add more working swipe machines at each exit. 


Since the beginning of the spring semester, the swipe machines for recording when a student enters for chapel and departs have been malfunctioning many days.

When the spring semester of 2017 started, I counted a little under 10 times that students didn’t have to swipe out because none of the swipers were working.

I also recently tested how long it took me to get into and out of chapel, and it took about 10 minutes to enter and about 10 minutes to exit because only two card swipers were working.

For students who have a 12:25 p.m. class, it's extremely challenging to wait in line to leave chapel, grab a quick lunch, and get to class on time.

Chapel should be a great way to connect with the Rochester community and to God, but with the card swiper problems, students focus on trying to get out of chapel instead of listening to the speaker or worship music. Many students start packing up early and try to be ready so that they can sprint out the door, trying to be first in line to swipe out.


I took a survey of 48 RC students and asked each of them five questions about getting in and out of chapel. Here are the results:

1. Does it take a long time for you to get in and out of chapel?

·       45 said yes, it does take them a long time to get out of chapel

·       3 said no, it does not take them a long time to get out of chapel

2. Do you feel chapel would be able to start a little quicker if there were more card swipers?

·       44 said yes, they believe it would be quicker

·       4 said no, they believe it would not be quicker

3. Do you consider not going to chapel because it's hard to get in and find a seat?

·       22 said yes, they have considered it

·       24 said no, they haven’t considered it

4. If there were four card swipers for the four doors, would it be easier to get in?

·       41 said yes, it would be easier to get into chapel

·       7 said no, it would not be easier to get into chapel

5. Do you have a 12:25 class? if so, do you have time to eat lunch?

·       6 said they have a 12:25 and don’t have time to eat

·       6 said they have a 12:25 and have plenty of time to eat

·       22 said they have a 12:25 and have time to eat, but feel rushed

·       14 don’t have a 12:25 class

I encourage the administration to make sure that the swipe card machines are all working every day of the semester. If the swipers were working and students weren’t concerned about the amount of time it took to depart,  students could pay more attention to the message instead of trying to get their cards out to be ready to exit.

Isn’t having functioning swipe machines an easy step to helping the chapel experience be more valuable?


Update 2/10/2017: Swipers have been added to all four doorways for chapel entry. Although, students are still experiencing hardships while entering and exiting for chapel.