5 Tricks To Eating Healthy In The Cafeteria

By Shiloh Covell
Senior Writer



Rochester college students have recently complained about how difficult it is to eat healthy in the cafeteria. Cafeteria food no matter where you go is never ideal. The food is made in mass amounts so the quality and options are limited. For the students who need to, or want to, eat in a consistent and healthy manner this can be frustrating.


Here are 5 tips on how to eat healthier and stay on track in our own cafeteria.


Tip #1: Avoid Fried Food

Fried food often shows up in our cafeteria, and although the battered protein and crispy fries seem appealing it is best to avoid them or at the very least limit them. 


Now I am no nutritionist, but I know that green vegetables are rich in vitamins. Here are the greens that appear the most in our cafeteria: Spinach, Broccoli, and Iceberg lettuce. Try getting creative with the spinach and iceberg lettuce in a salad. Grab some grilled chicken from Grill Station station or the meat of the day from the carving station and incorporate it into a salad along with the shredded toppings of the day at the salad bar. Don’t go crazy on the dressing though!

Tip #3: Portion Control

The foods we college students gravitate to more often are full of starch, sugars, and grease. Those kinds of food are okay in a small amount, but I know I personally tend to go overboard. Try to follow this guide when filling up your plate.



Tip #4: Talk less, Eat Less

The cafeteria is always full of students at meal times. However, some of us stay longer than we need to. We talk with our friends and we end up snacking on more food. Try to save your pressing conversations until after meal times, or remind your self to pace your self so you do not eat more than needed because you are distracted by friends.


Tip #5: Remember the Staff is on your side

If you are having a hard time finding healthy options in our dining hall submit suggestions and go to food meetings. The more of a turn out there is the more likely that the things that frustrate you will get better. Another thing to remember is that if you do not like a certain dish altogether, but there are components that are in it that you can mix into a salad or eat separate then ask the staff if there is any extra in the kitchen. Also, do not be afraid to be vocal while you are in the cafeteria. If you see a piece of fruit that is mushy, ask the staff if there are any fresh ones in the back.


Eating healthy in the cafeteria is something we all sometimes have a hard time with. Feel free to share your own tips on how to eat healthier in our cafeteria! What kind of food would you like to see more of? How do you strive to eat healthy?


Let us know!