Keep It Hot This Winter: How To Stay Warm & Trendy

by Gabrielle Wilson
Shield Staff

Sometimes the weather is so cold, you just want to pile on layers and layers of just about anything to keep warm, but follow these simple tips from the fashion experts at Bebe in the Somerset Collection to stay warm and trendy.

Puffer Coats

Store Manager Nicole Argento predicts that wool trench coats and midi-length down puffer coats (just below the knee), are the ticket to protect you against the harsh cold, but still look fashion forward.

“Puffers with faux fur hoods, belts, and gold or silver accents are everywhere. We’ve received many in our shipment dating back to September,” Argento said.

Faux fur made with synthetic fibers imitates the look of real animal furs to achieve the chic look with absolutely no harm done to animals.

All Shades Khaki

Argento said the trending colors for winter are all shades of khaki. Camel, olive and tan are the hottest colors right now, along with burgundy and cranberry shades.

 “Black will always be in, but retailers are stepping it up by adding leather accents, embellishments, and faux fur to all winter apparel. We specialize in it here,” Argento said.

Bebe stylist Alan Anton said, “Faux is faux-ever! Faux fur is not going out of style any time soon; it’s actually the go-to accessory for this winter. Faux fur scarves, vests, even ear muffs, these are things that you’ll notice laid out in upcoming magazines.”


The Bebe team also said turtleneck sweaters are back in style. You can spot turtlenecks in styles from the sweater itself, or sweater dresses on many celebrities. Kim Kardashian is known to keep a few khaki-colored turtlenecks in her wardrobe, and of course she has black.


Wearing a turtleneck sweater, or long john shirts, and layering it with a faux fur vest, pairing either with leggings or ripped jeans and riding boots can make for some of the cutest outfits you’ll see this season.

Rochester College Senior Kayla Loepp shops Bebe often and has purchased a faux fur vest perfect for several outfits. “I bought a cream-colored vest so I can wear it with my brown boots and my black ones. It goes with so many colors. I wanted one I could get a lot of wear out of, and not be limited to what can or cannot match it."

Faux Fur Scarves

Another must-have accessory for winter are faux fur scarves and shawls. You can be dressed in the most basic attire and add a faux fur scarf and change your look — leggings, a plain long sleeved top and boots or even sneakers. 

Fashion Recap

So on your next trip to the mall, check out this fashion guide while piecing together your next fit:

  • Midi-length Puffers/Down coats: Find some with faux fur, or gold/silver accents for a bold look.
  • Trench Coats: Pops of leather or embellishments here and there are sure to make you standout.
  • Turtleneck Sweaters:  Khaki, camel and olive shades are what’s in right now in both turtleneck sweaters and sweater dresses.
  • Faux Fur Vests: Layer a faux fur on top of turtleneck sweaters, and basic long sleeves or long john tops.
  • Faux Fur Scarves: Add one of these to your most casual look to dress it up a bit.