Digital SLR Camera vs. Point and Shoot Camera

By Amanda Picot
Guest Writer


In the market for a camera this holiday season? If so, I'm here to inform you on why it would be best to purchase a digital single lens reflex camera rather than a point and shoot camera.

Digital SLR Camera vs. Point and Shoot Camera

When it comes to disadvantages of a point and shoot camera versus advantages of a digital SLR camera, the decision making process between the two becomes evident.

Photography Life published an article showing these particular disadvantages when it comes to a point and shoot camera being compared to a digital SLR camera. 

1. The first disadvantage of a point and shoot will be the quality. Compared to a digital SLR camera, the quality of your picture is so much better because it grabs and enhances actual details from your photos taken. 

2. Next, point and shoot cameras are unable to make the subject of the photo stand out when a digital SLR camera blurs the background out allowing for the subject to be the point of focus. For example:

3. Another main disadvantage is that you are unable to change out the lenses in a point and shoot camera. If you were to purchase a digital SLR, you would have the ability to change out your camera lens that works for the environment you are in as well as the type of photo you want to capture. 

This allows you to be able to obtain optimum photo quality for whatever event you are attending, resulting in clear and focused pictures.

4. The next disadvantage would be that you don't have as much control over taking photos with a point and shoot. The digital SLR camera gives you the options of changing the amount of light used to take the photo and which shutter speed to set it on, giving you control over the properties of the photo taken.

5. If you are ever at an event where the lighting isn’t ideal or you need to take photos in the dark, the point and shoot loses all ability to do so. When the digital SLR camera, you can take photos in bright light or pitch black. 

6. The final disadvantage of a point and shoot camera is that you are unable to capture the entire scene in your photo while taking a wide picture. When using a digital SLR, you have the ability to zoom far enough out to get the entire photo you want. Point and shoots aren't very good to use because they are unable to capture the pictures fast enough. When looking at a digital SLR, you are able to use the camera to take any and all action shots for sports or other occasions. 

Top 2 Best Digital SLRs

Now, it’s almost time to make the purchase. When choosing the best digital SLR, the article, The 10 Best DSLRs You Can Buy Right Now, deemed the top two best as the: Canon EOS 5D and Nikon D810

Personally, I own the Canon EOS Rebel TS. I find my camera great to use and super easy to understand and operate. While using my Canon, I’m confident my photos will come out crystal clear even when I have it on the “automatic setting.” This setting instantly corrects the AF, brightness, flash and color tone.

Pricing for Digital SLR Cameras

I’ll admit, shopping for a camera can be intimidating. There are so many different versions and the price can be enough to turn you away. With that being said, I'm all about a great deal and while researching different stores, I found that Amazon offers the best ones. 

With Amazon, you're able to purchase digital SLR cameras that can go as cheap as $100! You’re also given the option to purchases lenses separately or together as one. Obviously, the prices will tend to vary, but it truly depends on the type of camera and brand you're in the market for. 

Not Convinced Just Yet?

When it comes to quality, lenses and price, the digital SLR camera is definitely going to be the better purchase when compared to a point and shoot. 

If you feel you need more convincing on this topic, click here for more information.