Are The Sleigh Bells Ringing Too Soon?

By Jacob Rogers
Shield Staff


            It’s starting to become that time of the year; leaves are falling, temperatures dropping. Pretty soon everyone will be bundled up, drinking some hot cocoa while the snow flies. But with winter comes Christmastime, which means Christmas music will be heard everywhere.

Christmas Music Discussion

            It seems as if every year there is a discussion of when to start playing Christmas music. Should we wait until after Thanksgiving? Or is it okay to start earlier?

Blend Thanksgiving and Christmas Together

            “I always like to blend Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas into one long holiday experience,” Athletic Director Klint Pleasant said. “So I’m all for early Christmas music.”

            Unlike her fellow faculty member, Katelyn Hargrave disagrees with Pleasant.

No Christmas Music Till After Thanksgiving

            “No Christmas music until after Thanksgiving,” Hargrave said. “Except for maybe one or two, but not full out until after Thanksgiving.”

Listen to Christmas Music in October

            Like Pleasant, some Rochester College students also like to start listening to Christmas music early.

            “I will listen to Christmas music all year, but it kicks into high gear around Oct. 15,” Olivia Butler said.

Personal Preference When to Start Listening to Christmas Music

            When to turn on Christmas music really seems to be personal preference. Whether or not you wait until after Thanksgiving, or start in the middle of the summer, let the sleigh bells ring!