Christmas Music: Ban Before December

By Gabrielle Wilson
Shield Staff

By all means, I am a fan of the Christmas season and all that comes along with it… but my appreciation begins December 1, no sooner.

I’m not being a hater, I do appreciate hearing “This Christmas” and all alike, but just around Christmas time. People start counting down the days until Christmas back in July, especially don’t retailers.


Retailers are the biggest antagonists of them all – retailers fuel this pre-Christmas-caroling-chaos advertising holiday themed goods with the help of the media, and puppet-like employees that will do and dress as they say to keep their hourly minimum pay.

It should be illegal for Kringle Jingles to be played anytime before December. I mean, Christopher Columbus didn’t sail the ocean blue singing Frosty The Snow Man now did he? I just want to watch all of The Peanuts holiday specials in chronological order.

I can’t stand hearing holiday themed music being played over the speakers of department stores or shopping malls months before the 25 days of Christmas. Which brings me to another thing; I hate seeing Christmas decorations being put on display in public or on the shelves of stores before we even reach Halloween – let alone Thanksgiving.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when it actually hits that mark on the calendar. There are radio stations that stream Christmas carols through FM and satellite radio before its socially acceptable to bring my Ugg boots out of the closet... Awkward.

When November Ends

The Christmas Spirit does exist within me, but I do not let it take over until November ends. I like to dedicate that whole month to food Olympics, preparing me for the big games on Turkey Day. I will bring good tidings to you and your kin after I bring over the baked macaroni, ok? 

I think what bothers me the most about the early arrival of Christmas music is because I personally don’t see it as a medium to bring joy to the world, I think it really is a ploy to get unsuspecting feel-good folks in the mindset for holiday shopping. When you hear the tunes, I think it brings you to begin brainstorming what to buy your family and friends. I think it also brings people to start considering whom else they’d like to buy a gift for, coworkers, bosses, neighbors, and all alike.

I think pre-Christmas season carols provoke thoughts of spending Christmas dollars. Jesus is the reason for the season. With that being said, I am totally against Christmas music before the true Christmas holiday season begins.