3 Tips to Help You Ace Chapel

by Chase Brazle
Shield Staff

A new semester has begun, and you’ve made it through the first week of classes. Each class on your new schedule has a syllabus that outlines how much work you’ll need to do to get a good grade, but one more class is listed on your schedule that is a little harder to plan for: chapel.


If you are a student living on campus, getting the 25 chapel credits required to receive an A is just a matter of motivating yourself to get up and make the two-minute walk to the auditorium, but if you are a commuter, it can be a bit harder to gauge when you will be able to attend.

Finding yourself struggling to figure out how to get the credits you need in the time you have is not too uncommon. Luckily, more than one way to get the grade you want is available. Here are three tips for acing chapel:

1. Go to Chapel!

First and foremost, plan on attending chapel on any Tuesdays and Thursdays you are available. This may seem obvious, but finding yourself lacking the motivation to make the trek to campus is all too easy, especially if your class schedule doesn’t require you to be there that day.

According to Candace Cain, dean of students, 28 Tuesdays and Thursdays are in the semester, so a student who attends all of them could get up to 32 credits (including four from monthly convocations). Attend as many of these as possible, and you will be off to a good start. However, work schedules and other commitments can still make it a challenge to get your A through chapel attendance alone, but other options are available.

2. Participate in Community Service

A second tip for acing chapel is signing up for the community service option, which allows commuters to get up to seven extra chapel credits; one credit for each hour of community service. You can find the form to apply online on the Student Portal website.

The deadline to apply is eight weeks after the first day of class, so don’t procrastinate if you think you will need to use this option. If you are approved, you will receive a tracking form that will be used to verify your community service. This form is not due until the last week of class, so you have the entire semester to actually participate in the community service.

Many different types of community service are accepted through this option, and a good way to find the right one for you is by visiting VolunteerMatch.org. This web service lets you search for volunteer and nonprofit organizations in your area, and provides contact information and descriptions of the services they provide.

This option is not necessary for passing chapel, but it can allow commuters to get an A while only attending chapel once a week, which makes it much more feasible for those with busy schedules.

3. Attend Other Campus Events

If you have followed the first two tips, and you are still struggling to get those last few credits, you still have hope. Cain says approximately 16 more credits are available each semester through various events outside of chapel.

Three Wellness Seminars are available each semester, and are worth one point each. These seminars address issues of personal wellness like dietary habits, daily exercise, and mental and spiritual health.

Three more credits are available by attending the three Career Service Workshops, which focus on helping students take what they have learned in college, and integrate that into their post-college careers.

“We usually have a couple of campus community service chances, like Hope House or Micah Six, where we offer two credits,” Cain says. In the spring semester, up to two credits are offered for attending Academic Symposium sessions.

You can also get one credit each for attending a band concert, a recital, a Library Read, or each of the two theater production talkbacks.

RC offers plenty of opportunities to get chapel credits, and if you follow these three tips, you’ll have no problems acing chapel, and you can go back to worrying only about how to pass those other pesky classes.