Humility of Christmas

By Nicholas O'Neil
Shield Staff



“And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.” Luke 2:7

Jesus was born and placed in a manger teaching the lesson that we are to put others before ourselves. The season of Christmas can be about us, what we want, the gifts we get for others, and our family. However, Jesus lived a life of humility, and you could say he was born with humble beginnings.

Jesus Born in Meekness

God’s own son was born on that day, God’s own son deserved a “High Profile” birth, God’s own son made his appearance in the lowliest of places, God’s own son conveys an amazing message to creation, God, our transcendent God condescended to us. God’s own son Jesus was not pampered coming to earth. God’s own son Jesus was not a privileged ruler instead he was born in meekness.  

Jesus was born on that day as one of us. He was approachable, accessible, available, with no guards in a red coat surrounding him. The King of Kings came humbly, and for his first night of sleep he was wrapped in tightly restricted cloth, laid in a manger…a manger.

 Why Was God's Own Son Born in a Manger? 

So why was God’s own son born in a manger? Mangers are where animals eat and even are born. Jesus says “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” We are the sheep and Jesus is the good shepherd. Jesus was born in a manger where we were supposed to be born. Jesus died while we were still sinners and took our place on the cross. So since his birth, Jesus has put his self, humbly in our place.

Put Aside Your Idols and Focus on Jesus  

So this Christmas season, lets reflect on Jesus’s humility and try to be like Him. In our own lives, we need to put aside the idols that we get so caught up in and focus on Jesus. Even the good things that can take the place of Jesus, whether its family, a girlfriend or boyfriend, our possessions, anything lets put that on the shelf this Christmas season and focus on Jesus. Spread this message to your family and friends.

Remember Jesus's Humility This Christmas Season  

Let’s not forget the man who gives us happiness for eternity. Born in a manger by a virgin teenager, to be a friend not a stranger, and to protect us from danger. The star that guided the three wise men from afar, and under that star Jesus would be born. In the manger, he would be taking our place so we could be free: free to live, free to have true joy and laughter. So let’s be reminded today of Jesus’s amazing humility, because in our life story, this is only the first chapter.