Hangout spots at RC as weather warms up

by Skye Donaldson
Print Content Editor

Plenty of unique spots exist on RC’s campus where you can find time to yourself. So when the hustle and bustle of campus life overwhelms you, seek out one of these spots:

Lake Norcentra’s Little Sister

The small pond north of our beloved Lake Norcentra has several great spots for relaxing. You can sit on one of the two benches surrounding the pond and observe the still water of the “Little Sister.” If you get to the pond early enough in the morning when the sun starts to hit the water, you’ll find turtles sunning themselves on old logs.

A Random Room in Ham Library

HL rooms offer a interesting studying atmosphere. During the day, classes populate most rooms. But at night, a room can be available to you to study any way you see fit. So feel free to check out one of these underrated study spots.  

Student Center

This is a place to chill and be quiet...unless, of course,  the people in the student center are being loud. Typically, the student center is always a place where a student can go to relax and watch TV, decompress or work on homework in quiet. Visit late at night for best results.

Mid-Size Trees Outside AG

This area is popular among the hammockers. The trees provide not only an area to hammock, but also shade that is essential for the reading and relaxing that make hammocking great.

Dearborn Commons Lobby

When you need a break from the studying, the DC lobby possesses two great items that make it a top hangout spot: a TV and a Ping-Pong table. The TV makes the DC lobby a hub for you to enjoy the benefit of DIRECTV, but it also allows for a great community gathering when students can all decide on one movie to watch. The Ping-Pong table creates light competition and physical activity that is a great option for every hangout spot.