Stages of feelings in Target

By Lily Cochenour
Assistant Online Editor

photo via pinterest 

photo via pinterest 

We all walk into target with the same goal, to get what we need and get out. Then once we walk in, we see the clearance rack and it all spirals downhill from there. The emotions change every second and every cent spent.


It’s the moment you walk in the store with the list in hand and that's what you are sticking to. This is going to be the time you walk in and are not going to look or get anything else. You go directly to the necessities.


This is when you see what you don’t need and then you go over “just to look.” You end up spending 75 percent of your time there. You proceed to look around the whole store.


It's the “I don’t really care; where else is my money going to go?” feeling. You put anything you see that you like in your cart. It is impulsive but it feels so good and you just feel the need to get it all.


You find something that your sibling would love for their birthday in nine months, so you get super excited and put it in your cart. Next, you see a super cool deal on all the things you can extreme DIY craft with.


It's the walk to the checkout and you look in the cart, slowly taking things out because you don’t need it. You hope that you have enough cash in your wallet to pay for everything. This is also when you wish you were more cautious.


Now you are up to the checkout and you realize you spent way to much money on stuff you don’t need. Really, though, you can't turn back now because then you will be embarrassed in front of the cashier.


You get home and you realize you forgot to get everything you need. Now you have to send someone back out to go get the thing you need, or you have to take the trip again yourself. You also realize that your spontaneous trip was a waste of money and you had better things to spend it on.