Top 7 ways to destress at RC

Brittani Hall
Assistant Creative Director

Finals have you freaking out? Can’t find out how to finish paying for college? Maybe you just don’t know what to pick to eat? All these things can make a person extremely stressed out. The real question is, how can a person destress from life? Here are the top seven ways to destress.

1. Take a walk downtown

Downtown Rochester has many beautiful attractions to offer a person peace of mind.  Take a friend or go by yourself downtown to walk off the stress.

2. Go to your local coffee shop

Go to your local coffee shop and make time for yourself. Drink some coffee or just go to smell the sweet aroma. Coffee can be an excellent destressing beverage for young adults.

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3.Listen to music

Sometimes all you need to do is plug in your headphones and put on your favorite mellow jams.

4. Hang out with friends

Having friends around is a great way to get stress of your plate for sure.

5. Eat

If you’re anything like me, there is nothing that food can’t fix.

6. Pray

Sometimes when you are stressed all you need is to take your problems to the Lord.

7. Be productive

Sometimes when you’re stressed, the best thing to do is bite-the-bullet and get as much done as possible.