7 ways to spice up your ramen

Photo via Amazon.com

Photo via Amazon.com

MacKenzie Ings
Features Editor

As a college student you are trying your best to save money and stay fed. One of the easiest ways to do this is by eating ramen. Here is a list of 7 ways to spice up your ramen, so it’s not the same old flavor every time, and so you feel a little bit better about your dinner choice.

1.     Add garlic

Garlic is good with anything and everything. Add just a clove to your bowl of ramen and it will completely change the flavor from ramen to garlic soup. If you don’t have garlic, garlic salt and garlic powder work just as well.

2.     Add red pepper flakes

Adding just a small amount of red pepper flakes will spice up your ramen, for a more flavorful taste. If you really like it spicy add some more.

3.     Add a fried egg

Adding a fried egg will make your ramen taste just like the soup you would get from your favorite Chinese restaurant.

4.     Add soy sauce

Soy sauce will give your ramen a little more of that Asian zing you have been craving.

5.     Add veggies

Adding veggies will not only make your ramen healthier, it’ll add to the flavor and fullness of the ramen, it won’t leave you wanting more.

6.     Fry your noodles

After boiling your ramen noodles add them to a skillet with butter or oil to fry them up for a different type of noodle crunch.

7.     Do all of the above

Combine spices and veggies to make your ramen a full meal that will be healthy, quick and fill you up.