6 spots to visit around RC


By Christian Todd
Staff Writer

The Rochester College community is full of places to visit and to explore. This list looks at the best places to check out.

Yates Cider Mill

During the fall, Yates Cider Mill offers a nice place to visit if someone wants to relax. The image of the red barn with its watermill is memorable to Oakland County residents. Inside the building, a customer can order apple cider, donuts, and pie. The cider and donuts are a big reason why Yates is popular. Along with the food and drinks, there are trails and goats for visitors to see and explore.

The Village of Rochester Hills

The Village is an outdoor mall that offers a variety of stores from clothing centers to restaurants. Kruse and Muer has been in that location for 30 years, predating the Village by 14 years and has opened several other locations since its opening. The Village also hosts special events. These events include movie nights, yoga, and an art festival. The art festival displays different kinds of art that will entertain all visitors.

Downtown Rochester

Downtown Rochester has many stores and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. One of the popular spots that friends can get together and relax in is Sumo Sushi. The green river roll tastes great and the other options have a good price. In recent years, the parking lots behind the buildings have become parking structures that people have to pay for to get in. The structures add a big city feel.

Rochester Hills Library

The library has always been a relaxing place to visit. On the ground floor, there is a room that holds special events for all ages. There is also a section that is for children to play in and to check out books and movies. A fish tank with fish of different sizes greets visitors who are walking in the halls. Upstairs, the library has books from fiction to nonfiction.

Dinosaur Hill

This location is in the woods near Downtown Rochester. The trails extend far back into the woods and Dinosaur Hill is located in a quiet and isolated spot. There are deer that occupy the area. Compared to the busier places in the city, Dinosaur Hill is one to visit if you want to relax and take a break from the noise.

Buddy’s Pizza

Buddy’s Pizza offers gourmet pizza to customers and has an entertaining environment. The pizza is not cheap, but it is an experience that is worth the price. Whether with friends or family, Buddy’s is perfect for pizza fans and those who want to sit down and enjoy talking with others.