5 regrets you could face in life

By Moe’t Dickinson
Event and Promotions Coordinator

People often look back and regret actions from their lives. Here are my top 5 regrets that people have:

  • Cheating on your significant other

Kevin Hart regrets cheating on his wife. I guarantee if you are married or you are dating someone seriously, don’t cheat! You will regret it! 

  • Saying I love you and not meaning it

Some people may feel the need to say “I love you” because was said to them or maybe they have ulterior methods, such as not knowing what to say or making the other person feel good. There’s much meaning behind the words, “I love you.” Don’t say it, unless you mean it.

  • Not dropping a grudge against a family member or old friend

People often hold grudges over the smallest of things. Just forgive. Life is too short.

  • Not brushing your teeth in the morning

You wake up late and need to rush to class. Please take one minute and brush your teeth. You will be interacting with other students and professors. If you have bad breath, all those around you will suffer. At the very least, grab a piece of gum!

  • Not speaking your mind

Someone does something or says something that upsets you. But because of the fear of conflict or having others not like you, you may not speak your mind. I say always speak your mind or at least, respond by asking a question. Don’t let the upsetting action or words go by. Think before you speak, but be honest and speak up!