Tips to get the best buy at Best Buy on Black Friday

by Danielle Smith
Guest Writer

Photo via Brad Deals

Photo via Brad Deals

With Black Friday quickly approaching, people have already started pulling their tents, sleeping bags and lawn chairs out of storage to get ready for their annual campout at Best Buy.

While sleeping outside in late November isn’t for the faint of heart, a few tips can help you find the greatest deals on the best items without having to sacrifice your sleep schedule.

When planning your shopping endeavor, you want to first look at the pre-sale ads. Christian Sanchez, mobility Apple master at Best Buy said items on the front and back of the ads go the quickest because they are the hottest items at the lowest price. So if you are looking for a new television, cell phone or computer, you will want to plan ahead.

However, Best Buy offers special access events where you can get Black Friday deals early online for certain members of the “My Best Buy” program. Sanchez said, “The program allows customers to accumulate points for every dollar they spend and also offers an easy way to track your purchase history in the store.”

The next point to keep in mind is that if you plan to do your shopping after Black Friday, don’t expect to get Black Friday prices. This tends to be the only time these items are heavily discounted. Sanchez said Cyber Monday is a good alternative to fighting the crowds in store on Black Friday because you can do it from your computer or smartphone in the comfort of your home. While you won’t get the item the same day, you will avoid having to camp outside the store for a week to hopefully ensure that you get the item you want.

Best Buy also tends to run unique deals during the week leading up to Black Friday. Sanchez said “This is the best time to shop because not a lot of people know about this. Just by signing up for the rewards gives you early access to Black Friday doorbusters.” Sanchez also suggests watching for “early” sales in the weeks leading up to Black Friday because that’s your best bet to be able to get something you actually want.

Photo via The Independent

Photo via The Independent

As Black Friday approaches, scouting out the layout of the store and knowing the location of the items you want will help minimize any hassle with other customers rushing around you.

Best Buy starts preparing for Black Friday in September, which allows the company to ensure that every product is easily accessible to its customers. In the past, Best Buy has opened at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, so don’t worry about setting your alarm at absurd hours of the night.