4 tips for surviving college a long way from home

By Nicklas Grifhorst
Online Content Editor


With 88 percent of Rochester College students hailing from southeast Michigan, students who are from other parts of Michigan, from other states, or even from abroad may feel like they are alone when it comes to the issues they face. 

Since you can’t hop in your car and head home on a daily or weekly basis, college life can be more difficult. As a junior at RC with a three-hour ride home, I’ve come up with a few tips on surviving college a long way from home.

  1. Utilize tools like FaceTime and Skype, so you can see your family. This can never substitute for the real thing, but it can cut back on homesickness, allowing you to see your pets, family and friends, but most importantly your pets!

  2. Save all of your quarters for laundry. Unlike some of our classmates, we can’t drive home and do our laundry. So when you go out to eat or to the store and you receive loose change, make sure that you save it. You’ll thank me later when you have to pay $2.50 a load to clean and dry your clothes.

  3. Have your family mail things that you forgot. Take a weekend trip home and forget a textbook? Instead of driving back home, just have your family mail it. It saves you the time and gas money to travel, and shipping costs are much cheaper than the gas would be.

  4. Take advantage of long breaks and make a trip home. Make sure to take advantage of three-day weekends and longer breaks. The drive might be far and it may seem like you are spending most of your break on the road, but it might still be worth the trip.

During his first year at RC, senior William Williams’ family lived more than 1,000 miles away in Orlando, Florida. “You have to take time to stay in contact with your family. It really helps with homesickness,” Williams said.

Know that the process gets easier with time. Eventually your dorm room will feel like your home away from home. These tips should help make the process easier throughout the year and help you enjoy your time at RC.

And remember: Thanksgiving break is just a few short weeks away.