When In Wien: First Impressions

by Alyssa Yakey
Digital Editor

While packing the night before our group was to leave for Vienna, Austria, my nerves began to feel frayed. It finally set in; I was to leave on a trip for three months, in a city outside my comfort zone, and with people I have never talked to. My body was filled with a combination of anxiousness and excitement. I soon found out I wasn’t the only who felt that way.

The RC European Studies group traveled overnight by plane and we made it to our destination of Vienna the morning of Jan. 28. Stepping outside of the Vienna Airport and seeing the city for the first time is something I will never forget.

Eyes Wide Open

I felt like a child visiting Disneyland for the first time with eyes open wide. We were constantly looking around and couldn’t stop smiling at every new building, car or person that we passed by. Everything was so interesting and new.

I found out that Vienna is a beautiful, introverted city filled with history, art and pastry shops on every corner. Graffiti fills the walls of the city and consumes the Danube River, a canal close to our apartments that we explore.

Street Art

The street art is one of my favorite parts of the city because it gives you some insight on what it’s like living here. It shows the struggles of the people, not only of the past and present, but everyday activities the Viennese like to participate in.

At first, I was overwhelmed with all the new sights and people, but after meeting our fellow students from Oklahoma Christian University and Libscomb University, I was put at ease.

The students who chose to embark on this trip are extremely welcoming and even though we all come from different backgrounds, we mesh together perfectly.

It’s been over a week since our arrival and we’ve already deeply explored the city that holds our heart, visited countless museums, and eaten unreal amounts of schnitzel and pastries.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us, and I know my expectations will be met and exceeded. The stories made here will be ones I’ll never forget.

Digital editor Alyssa Yakey reports from Europe during her semester abroad as part of RC's Global Educational Opportunities.