Get Your Spook On At Cedar Point

by Brittany Geddes
Shield Staff

Looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit that is both fun and creepy? Cedar Point’s Halloweekends can offer you just that. 

Park Before Dark

During the day, the park is still a great place for visitors of all ages. The rides you know and love from the normal season like Millennium Force, Magnum and Gatekeeper are all still up and running. There are also many ways to enjoy the not so horrific side of Halloween when the sun is still out. Guests can enjoy the Sideshow Carnival of Magic, get your fortune told by the gypsies and even trick-or-treat at Kiddie Kingdom. While walking around the park you can take in the spooktacular silly decorations like a graveyard full of tombstones belonging to the out of commission rides or the thousands of pumpkins that make up “Blazin” on the Top Thrill Midway. Even the Peanuts in Camp Snoopy are dressed up in crazy costumes.

As the sun starts to set, scaredy cats fear not, for there are still some options on the tame side of terror. In place of Cedar Point Luminosity: Ignite the Night is the new cirque style Skeleton Crew show, which features aerialists and acrobats. If your looking to get past the monsters without a fright, many stores within the park offer light up “No Boo” necklaces that will warn the creatures to stay back from you and your group.

Haunted Attractions

If you’re more like me and are looking to embrace the eerie on this Lake Erie Island there are plenty of options for you. Cedar Point has six haunted houses as well as six different walk-through fright zones. New to the park this year is Fear-y Tales, the outdoor scare that puts a new twist on your favorite fables; and Slaughter House, the maze that’s haunted by bloodthirsty butchers. There is also a crazy option for thrill seekers with an empty stomach, Boeckling’s Banquet. In this experience, guests will be treated to an elegant meal inside the formal dining room of G.A. Boeckling’s Manor. While enjoying the feasts diners will be joined by a variety of “interesting” dinner guests.

Worth the Wait

Halloweekends is a truly unique Cedar Point Halloween experience that draws in hundreds of guests from all over. This guarantees that the park will be crowded. I can offer you some great advice to get the most out of your visit, but be prepared to empty your wallets. Many visitors in the park on Saturdays means two hour lines; adding Fast Lanes to your admission can help you avoid the wait leaving you more time to enjoy the spooky after sunset. These are incredibly pricey though. Another great purchase you could make when attending Halloweekends is “Fright” Lane passes. Those will allow you to avoid having to wait to enter the haunted houses. They even come with Skeleton Keys that will gain you access into special rooms within the scare zones. These passes are much more affordable than Fast Lanes and totally worth it if you are there mainly for the haunts.

So there you have it, Halloweekends is an amazing way to celebrate Halloween no matter how old or how chicken you are when it comes to all things scary.  If it’s the thrills and spills of some of America’s most daring rollercoasters or some of the most bizarre frights you could ever encounter, there’s something for everyone this time a year at Cedar Point.