Nicklas Grifhorst
Online Editor

RC: Junior, Mass Communications
Fun fact: Nick makes a great "Tayshaun Prince is the greatest of all time" debate. 


Collin Crosby
Assistant Creative Director

RC: Senior, Mass Communication
Fun fact: Collin



Payton Trivett
Social Media Manager

RC: Sophomore, Nursing
Fast Fact: Payton has lived in five states and two countries.


Skye Donaldson
Print Editor

RC: Junior, Mass Communications
Fun Fact: Skye has a collection of 70+ Rubik's cubes.



Johnathon Hogan
News & Opinions Editor

RC: Junior, Christian Ministry major
Fast Fact: Johnathon is an avid collector of Lego's.



Dominic Santina
Sports Editor

RC: Sophomore, Mass Communications
Fast Fact: Northern Michigan is his perfect location.


Rachel Murdock
Creative Director

RC: Junior, Mass Communications
Fun Fact: Kingdom Hearts and Skyrim are Rachel's pastimes.



Johnny Lykins
Assistant News & Opinions Editor

RC:  Junior, Christian Ministry
Fast Fact: Johnny loves Cheez-Its.


Mackenzie Ings
Feature Editor

RC: Senior, Mass Communications
Fast Fact: Mackenzie has been skydiving and Rocky Mountain climbing.

Moe't Dickinson
Events & Promotions

RC: Sophomore, Mass Communications
Fast Fact: Moe't loves to play video games, rap, sing, draw graffiti and photography.

Shield Staffers

Shield Advisers

Kayce McClure, Adviser

Kayce McClure, Adviser

Lora Hutson, adviser

Lora Hutson, adviser