A RC basketball players top 7 players in NBA history

Kash Blackwell
Staff Writer

Nothing is more competitive than the sport of basketball, over the years with having so many different dominant players that have been through the NBA, it is often so hard to place an order on who is the top dog during their career. But this list of top dogs are hands down the NBA greats.


7.  Tim Duncan, PF. Timmy D, is a retired pro who played 19 seasons under coach Pop, of the San Antonio Spurs. The 6 foot 11 inch forward, was drafted first overall in 1997, after playing four years and receiving his college degree from Wake Forest. Not to mention he is a 5x NBA champion, 3x finals MVP, 2x MVP, 10x All NBA, the rookie of the year in 1997 and also college player of the year, in 1997. The Big Fundamental will go down as the best Power Forward to play the game.   

6. Oscar Robertson, PG. The Big O makes the top list because he changed the game of basketball. Robertson was a 6 foot 5 inch PG, with the ability to do anything on the court, making him a true match-up nightmare. Oscar was an NBA champion in 1971 and was the league MVP in 1964. He also was 12x NBA All Star, 9x All NBA, and NBA rookie of the year in 1961. He also was the first player to average a triple double (before Russell Westbrook).

5. Wilt Chamberlain, C. The 7 foot 1 inch Center from Philly, was unstoppable. Chamberlain played at Kansas University before turning pro in 1959. He was a 2x NBA champion, NBA finals MVP, 4x MVP, 13x NBA all star, 7x All NBA, and NBA rookie of the year in 1960. Wilt had a whole season where he averaged 50.4 points per game which is still the record for most in a single season. And last but not least he scored 100 points in one single game, also the most ever.


4. Kobe Bryant, SG. The high flying scoring machine from Philly. Kobe Bryant started his NBA career early, coming straight out of Lower Merion High School in 1996. Kobe Bryant was drafted 13th overall to the Hornets, but soon traded to the Lakers right after. Kobe is a 5x NBA champion, 2x NBA finals MVP, MVP “08”, 18x All Star, 11x All NBA, and NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner. Kobe played 20 seasons with the Lakers. The Black Mamba just recently retired and he will be missed.

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, C. born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor is a 7 foot 2 inch, fundamentally sound giant. Selected 1st overall in the 1969 draft to the Bucks Jabbar was ready to take on the NBA. He was 6x NBA champion winning with two different teams Bucks and Lakers. 2x NBA finals MVP, 6x MVP, 19x all star, 10x All NBA, and NBA rookie of the year 1970. Also he is the NBA scoring leader having scored 38,387 points in his career averaging 24.6 for his career.

2. Michael Jordan, SG. If there is any form of pure dominance it would have to be MJ himself. Electrifying high-flying scoring guru and not to mention he will lock you up on the other side of the floor MJ was the full package. Selected 3rd overall in 1984, MJ hit the ground running. Winning rookie of the year in 1985, he also was 6x NBA champion, 6x finals MVP, 5x MVP, 14x NBA All star, 10x All NBA, 2x Dunk Contest champion, not to mention he was perfect in all finals, defeating greats such as Karl Malone and even took some time off to play pro baseball before returning to NBA to win three more titles.

1.  LeBron James SF. Freak of Nature, he can run jump do it all and he’s 6 foot 8 inch, 250 lbs solid. Coming straight out of high-school, were he dominated winning three state titles and one national title he was set for greatness. In 2007 after just a few years in the NBA, James led the Cavs to their first franchise finals, where they fell short to Spurs. James is a 3x NBA champion, 3x finals MVP, 4x MVP, 11x NBA All Star, NBA rookie of the year, and 4x gold medalist. The reason the King is sitting at number one is, because he is in his 15th season averaging career highs. He also is the youngest player to reach 25k points and he has been in more finals than MJ at this age with no breaks needed.