RC Athlete Emmi Discusses Soccer Team Traditions

By Holly Lingenfelter 
Shield Staff

A Q&A with a Rochester College student athlete.


Kyle Emmi, a freshman soccer player,  is a mass communication-broadcast media major from Macomb, Michigan.

Q: How long have you played?

A: “I’ve been playing soccer for about 8 or 9 years. As soon as I could walk, my father gave me a soccer ball. My dad played soccer in high school. The whole family plays soccer.”

Q: What sports did you play in high school?

A: “I played soccer at Dakota High School, and a little bit of tennis.”

Q: How do you manage your time?

A: “We have long bus rides sometimes, so I try to do what I can on the bus rides. Managing work with soccer is a bit of a difficult time all throughout the season, but it gets done. I squeeze it in here and there.”

Q: How do you feel before a big game?

A: “Pretty nervous, a little bit excited too. You always have that little bit of excitement, but for me being a freshman and going into every game playing as much as I did, it was a bit nerve racking because you have to perform your best just to keep up with the other guys. But the excitement is pretty amazing.”

Q: What is your team chemistry like?

A: “Right now, we lost a lot of guys so our chemistry is kind of low. But, during the season it was pretty good, like every family we kind of got into some fights once in awhile but when we really want to, we all work like a family and push each other to do our best. And if someone did something wrong, we’d tell them ‘it’s OK, continue playing. You can do better than what you're doing right now. We know it.’ “

Q: What is a before the game or after the game tradition you or the team has?

A: “One tradition, they had all the new players who are freshmen come in, and we had to do karaoke on the bus. On one bus ride, we couldn’t hear ourselves. We had to put both headphones on and they chose the song, and then you go ahead and sing outloud. It was pretty embarrassing, and they chose the weirdest songs of course—someone got ‘Barbie World.’ ”

Q: What’s the most challenging aspect of soccer you had to learn?

A: “Team chemistry, for me coming, in as a freshman, you’re gaining a whole team. You play in travel and you know the team, you know the players, you know what they can do. So you show up, you get new players and you have to re-learn everyone’s weaknesses and strengths.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment while playing soccer?

A: “When I was little, I was running very late for a game. My friend picked me up, and I actually ran onto the field with half my stuff on. I’m playing the game, and after the game, I realize I wore my shorts backwards the whole game. It was pretty embarrassing because everyone knew it besides me, because you have a number on your pants leg, and it was on the back and no one told me."

Q: Do you learn more from winning or losing a game, and why?

A: “Personally, each aspect gives you a little bit of learning. If you lose a game, you learn what not to do. You learn what your team is really made up of. Did they give up or did they fight until the very end? Winning, you learn your abilities, what you can do, what your team can do. If they really push it, if they work hard, if your guys connect. So I would have to go with I learn more if you lose, because you learn what not to do and you know what you need to fix and how to fix it.”