Volleyball finally feels at home

by Brooke Snyder
Shield Staff

Warriors vs Lourdes _111.jpg

Rochester College’s volleyball squad suffered through a rough start in September 2017 despite being able to play in its first permanent home at the Garth Pleasant Arena.

With a record of 6-15 in early October, the team is starting to come around. After defeating Concordia University on Sept. 27, one of their biggest rivals, the Warriors are riding a wave of confidence.     

“We faced a lot of tough teams in the beginning which was a tough start for us but we’re starting to find our groove,” said junior Captain Taylor Leppek. “We’ve had a couple of hard practices and we’re starting to work out the kinks. We’re doing a lot better.”

This is RC’s first year to play in its new division in the WHAC conference, and Leppek said, “Being apart of the new division, we were looked at as the underdogs, so we’re trying to prove and make a new name for ourselves.”


Leppek said the team has three goals for the year— to make a name in the WHAC, to make it to post-season, and to finish in the top 5 in the West Division. Currently, the team to beat is Cornerstone, who leads the division with an 8-1 record. RC plays Cornerstone on Wednesday, Oct. 11, at 7 p.m. in the Garth Pleasant Arena.

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Team Bonding                       

With half of the volleyballers being new to RC, the team has done several team bonding activities. Just last weekend after a hard practice, Leppek said the team went out for cider and donuts at Yates Cider Mill. Also during the preseason in August, the players went to a fellow teammate’s house to play yard games and to swim. They are hoping to schedule more team bonding activities as the year goes on.

Before game                   

Before games, the team always huddle up and boost each other up to get game ready. They go to the locker room and talk about what they need to do to take the win. They each watch game film individually to pick and poke out stuff they need to focus on during game time. During game time, the gym gets very loud, but Leppek said the players love the adrenaline rush the student section gives them.


Hoping to a better start to the season, Leppek said, “We definitely have moments that surprise me where we click and click, and it’s really cool to see. We had a rough start but as time goes on, I think we’re exceeding my expectations.”       

Finally home                   

Next three games for the Lady Warriors are at home, so they are hoping for strong support from the RC community. Wear your Crimson and come out to cheer on the volleyball team on Oct. 7, Oct. 11 and Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Garth Pleasant Arena. Don’t forget to wear crimson!