Bowling for Turkeys

By Rachel Mervyn
Associate Sports Editor




The Rochester Women’s Bowling Team is on their way to the NAIA Championship in April. Their season is over, with the exception of going to the Championship.

Heading to the NAIA Championship

Hayley Caddell, a sophomore at RC, explained, “Our season is over, and now we are focusing on the championship. My teammates and I are so excited to have this opportunity,” Caddell said.

The bowling team is ready to take on any obstacle that comes their way, even if they have some improvements to make.

Improving Stamina and Energy

Caddell mentioned that the team could improve their stamina and energy because being in the bowling alley for six to nine hours straight with no breaks is exhausting. It is very hard to stay motivated for that long of a time frame.

It is a mental obstacle that the team can greatly improve on to stay in the game for nine hours and come home victorious.

“I always put a smile on my teammates faces when I see them down about their own game, and try to be the high energy they need to motivate them to finish strong. Those would be some of my strengths in the game,” Caddell said.

The goal of next season for each athlete should be to improve their mental games so they can stay focused the whole game and finish strong instead of losing stamina.

Improving Mental Toughness

My goals for the season were working on my mental bowling game and bonding closer with my teammates. "Both my weaknesses of my mental game and filling frames improved by the end of the season,” Caddell said.

Mental toughness will allow a person to become a better athlete and emerge better than ever without losing their confidence. Mentally tough athletes are more consistent in any sport they play.

Athletes need to be mentally tough so competition will not get under their skin, get into their head and ruin their game. Staying focused all the way through the game is a major key to success in a better finish for the athlete and his or her team.


Women’s Bowling Team’s Successful Season

The Women’s Bowling Team had a good run with their season. They came in second out of ten teams at the Muskie Mash, second out of nine at the RC Warrior Fall Classic and the NAIA Championship is coming up April 1st through 3rd. Go Warriors!