Let the Madness Begin

By Nicholas O'Neil
Shield Staff

It’s that time again, another year, another bracket, another March! March Madness has begun. This is the time of year where schools no one has ever heard of make a name for themselves. March is a time where cinderella stories begin and end.

This year there are many new teams in the madness, lets take a look at them, and some games have been played already but not many.

South Region


In the South region, Kansas is the no. 1 seed as they already played the 16th seed and beat them by double digits. Maryland in this region is a Big Ten school that has the potential to go far and beat many good teams this year. You could possibly be seeing Melo Trimble put Maryland on his back and take them to the Final Four.

West Region

In the West region, Oregon is the no. 1 seed in this group, but they have the hardest road to the championship. Their first game against Holy Cross could be the biggest upset of the tournament. Holy Cross got to the tournament with a losing record but ended up winning their conference championship and has been on fire the past five games. Yale this year is a team to watch out for. They are a number 12 seed but they have a record of a no. 1 seed of 22-6. Yale’s next opponent is Duke, and if they beat Duke watch them make a push to the Final Four.

East Region

In the East region, North Carolina is the no. 1 seed and their biggest test will be in the Sweet Sixteen where they will most likely meet Kentucky. Who ever wins that game will I believe will represent the east region in the Final Four. Our own University of Michigan is in that region but will likely lose to Notre Dame as much as we don’t want them to lose.

Midwest Region

Now in the Midwest region, we also have our own Michigan State University as the no. 2 seed. A lot of sports analysts thought they should have been the no. 1 seed after winning the Big Ten Conference Championship. With Virginia as the no. 1 seed they have a challenging road ahead of them but will most likely be in the Elite 8 making a run to the Final Four. MSU has a relatively easy first game playing a small Tennessee school, but will have a tough road after that. They could be playing one of the elite basketball programs with Syracuse as their possible second opponent. If they can get past them they will be able to meet possibly Virginia in the Elite 8, I have MSU beating Virginia and playing in the Final Four against UNC.

Its all about the madness this month and its going to be awesome!! You’re not going to want to miss any games this year!  I have MSU winning it all this year but anything can happen!!