A Day in the Life of RC Hockey

By Joseph Swenson
Shield Staff

Friday mornings are more than just waking up for class, it's game day for the hockey team. Even after a late Thursday night practice, all we are thinking about is preparing for game day.

Daytime Preparation 

Preparing yourself throughout the day consists of getting three healthy meals, mentally preparing and thinking positive. It is important to stretch and keep the legs loose by not sitting around all day. The day usually consists of some of the team going to the gym for a stretch and light bike ride.

Get to the Rink Early

Most of the guys get to the rink fairly early to relax, drink coffee and tape up any sticks we need as well as sharpen our skates. When 5 p.m. comes around most of us turn off our phones for no distractions other than music to pump us up.

Warmups and Preparation for Game Time

As it gets closer to game time, the team always stretches and warms up. Players who are struggling with injuries or past injuries that need our trainer usually get taped up and stretched out.

Before on-ice warmups the locker room gets quiet with the players focusing on what they are going to do on the ice to help the team win and Sam Berry enlightens us with a word of prayer

Game Day Schedule

Assistant Captain Matt Kadolph prep for game day,

6 a.m. Wake up, eat breakfast (eggs, toast, fruit, coffee, water, smoothie)

8 a.m. Class

10 a.m. Go to gym (ride bike, light stretch, protein shake)

12 p.m. Eat lunch

12:30 - 2 p.m. Take a nap

2-3 p.m. Finish Homework/Play Video Games (helps me get loose)

3:30 p.m. Eat pre-game meal (Chicken, rice, vegetables)

4 p.m. Get ready to leave for game

5 p.m. Arrive at rink (change into warmup clothing, tape sticks, sharpen skates, get all equipment ready)

6 pm Off-Ice warmup (get mentally and physically prepared for game)

7 p.m. On-Ice warmup (Get legs loose and work on skills needed for the game)

7:30 p.m. Game time (Win!!!!)

10 p.m. End of Game

1030 p.m. Replenish energy by eating big meal

12 a.m. Bedtime

Question: What is your favorite pre-game meal? “ You know I like to get my carbs and protein the night before a game, and I would have to say chicken Parmesan,” Jacob Burford said

Question: Do you have any superstitions in hockey? “ If I score a goal, I won’t re-tape my stick because I feel like I still got some goals left,” Jake Zarzycki said. 

Latest Results 

In RC hockey's last game, the team lost to Oakland University 5-1. RC's lone scorer was Matt Kadolph in the second period. OU also killed six RC power plays.