Talented Transfer Joins the Lady Warriors

By Tyrae' Payton
Shield Staff

The Rochester College Lady Warriors welcomed Allysa Copley, a talented transfer from Cleveland State University, in early January. Copley plays the forward position and is from Holly, Michigan. 

Former RC women’s basketball head coach Eric Sims said, “She will have a major impact from the moment she steps on the floor for the first time in an RC jersey."

Copley Transfers to RC to Improve Her Basketball Skill

Copley joined the Warriors after spending a year and a half at Cleveland State University. Although, Copley enjoyed her time at CSU she was incredibly homesick and didn’t feel she was where she wanted to be with her basketball career.

“I was always taught that if you end up at a standstill with your talent, you need to change something," she said.

Copley Wanted to Be Closer to Home

Copley wants her coaches to push her and not give up on her so she can become the best basketball player she can be. Rochester College was an ideal college because it was close to home for her.

“I wanted to go to a school super close to home where I would not have to miss another game and not miss the first two years of my niece's or nephew's life.” She also had a connection with some of the girls on the basketball team from playing with them on the AAU circuit, which made the decision to become a Warrior much easier. 

Small Community Atmosphere Appealed to Copley 

The small community atmosphere at Rochester College really appealed to Copley. “Coming from a school that had basically over 45 students per class,” she said attending her first class at RC shocked her because the class size was so small compared to CSU's classes.

“I’m not just a number here, I truly believe the teachers want to get to know me and help me succeed in the classroom,” Copley said.