RC Men's Soccer Team Finishes Season in Colorado

By Kenjoshua Jones
Shield Staff


The last of the Rochester College Men's Soccer Team arrived at the school roughly around 4:25 a.m. The coach arrived ten minutes later and the team was off to catch a flight to Denver, Colorado during the weekend of Oct. 21-22. 

Fred Prest Scores Two Goals in Opening Game

The first game the RC men’s soccer team played in Colorado was against Johnson & Wales University.

RC came out on fire with Fred Prest scoring a goal in the first 12 minutes of the game. He then scored another goal almost four minutes later. Prest would then score later in first half and the team would go into half with a 3-0 lead. It seemed that RC had finally found that spark they had been looking for all season long.

However, the second half went very differently, John Wales University scored five goals to beat RC. Coach Hermiz expressed that he was proud of the team. They played well but mistakes can lead to goals and that was what happened in the second half.

RC would have to regroup for their next game the following day. RC took a 1-0 lead over Morningside College, but then Morningside scored a goal to tie the game up right before the first half ended. Morningside would go on to score two goals in the second half to defeat RC.

Team Finishes 2-16

RC left Colorado losing both games, but played the best they have all year long. The team finished 2-16 on the year. These results were not what the players and coaches were expecting.

The team was derailed early on in the season with numerous injuries. Despite the obstacles, the team was confident that they could still compete this season.

Freshmen Nathan Taranzow and Kyle Emmi, saw a great deal of playing time this year, “Normally freshman would not get the opportunity to play as much as they did but it will be a strength coming in the following season, because they got to experience what it is like at this level,” Hermiz said.