Volleyball Team Strives To Finish Season Strong

by Rachel Mervyn
Assistant Sports Editor

The Rochester Volleyball Team’s record is currently 15-10 and they are not letting up now. With nationals in their sights and many games ahead, the Lady Warriors are buckling down and are ready for their next competition.

Rough Start

Starting the season off, the Warriors went 0-6, but had an enormous confidence boost with a couple big wins in Pennsylvania. Coming back from a tough start, they lit the court up with 9 wins in a row and the team is competing harder than ever.

“Our number one goal would be to win nationals. We came so close last year (placed second), but another important goal is to not let the talent we have on our team go to waste,” Junior Gabrielle Wilson, said “In all the years I have played at RC, this team has the most passion and the most dedication for the game and we don’t fight with each other.”

Goals for the Team

Another goal Wilson hopes for the team to accomplish this year, is even if they do not take the national title, the girls just give it their all and once they get there, to be happy and proud of themselves as a team about how far they have come.

Chicago Trip

On the road to Chicago, the Warriors stopped in Spring Arbor and walked away with a giant loss. Arriving in Chicago, they faced and defeated Great Lakes Christian College. With GLCCcurrently rebuilding their volleyball program, RC took advantage and left with a big win for their record.

Spring Arbor was a tough loss for the Lady Warriors and they knew they could beat The Cougars.

“The mentality of losing the three previous games hit us hard. We couldn’t get the losses out of our heads. The mentality of it all is key,”  Wilson said.

As Wilson explained, the mentality for their team was not there that day when they needed it the most and they could not get into the game like they should have in order to beat Spring Arbor.

Sophomore Kaylee Talt added, “While we were in Chicago, we went 2-0 which really helped our record.”

Team Bonding

Sticking together through the tough times was a great reassurance to get back up on their feet and come through as a family. While on the Chicago trip, the Lady Warriors accomplished the key of bonding.

“We came together as a team because we were struggling before and helped lift each other up to keep our heads straight and focused through our tough loses. We made it out stronger than ever and kept winning games consistently,” Talt said.