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Q: What brought you to RC and why do you choose to work here?

A: I was a student here first and what brought me here was God. I was in a spot before I came to RC without really knowing where my life was going to go. God opened all of the doors here and shut them everywhere else, so he made it pretty clear that this was the place he wanted me to be.


Jesus loves racists

“Punch more Nazis” is a shirt getting shared on social media since the August riots in Charlottesville. It’s an honest reflection of the outrage that people feel. Charlottesville is an abhorrent and torturous reflection that white nationalism and racism still have a prevalent role in the consciousness of America.

As a white man, it’s absolutely horrifying to see other white men chant “You will not replace us,” and watch a car drive into a crowd of counter-protesters on video loop again and again. That being said, I don’t believe punching more Nazis and racists will solve anything.


The Rochester College men’s basketball team went 28-1 in the regular season, marking one of the most dominant runs in school history. The team was primed for a shot at a national championship and school history. The Warriors had it all.

  • A Bevo Francis award finalist in Angelo Griffis. The award for the top non-division one player in the country.
  • The top scoring defense in the country, allowing only 64 points per game.
  • The second ranked scoring margin in the country, beating teams by an average of 22 points per game.
  • The fourth ranked team in the NAIA. 



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