Lab helps student athletes ace classes

By: Wallace Whitfield
Staff Writer

As student athletes attempt to juggle their time between practice, traveling to and playing games, and keeping up with their coursework, ACE  personnel are available to offer academic support.

Rochester College’s Academic Center for Excellence offers free peer tutoring sessions, 24/7 online tutoring support and study resources. The lab’s services are open to all students, and many student athletes are encouraged by their coaches to go to the ACE Lab throughout the semester for help managing their course load. All students who have GPAs below 2.3 are required to spend a certain number of hours in ACE each week.

Armand Cartwright, junior sports management major and guard for the men’s basketball team, said he never visited ACE until last semester when he was struggling with his environmental science class. Assigned to work with a student tutor, Cartwright said the tutor “really helped me pass the class and explained the assignments well enough for me to understand. After my experience with the ACE Lab, I actually wish I went to them earlier than waiting for so long to get help.”

Sophomore Donya Sanders, who plays on the baseball team, agrees with Cartwright about the personnel in the lab. “They always helped me to the best of their abilities and gave me a lot of help with raising my grades. The tutors are great, and it’s a nice chill place to do lots of homework.”

ACE coordinator Michele Stanton shared that time spent in the ACE Lab does benefit student athletes. “Typically, athletes who complete their required hours have significantly higher GPAs than those who don’t complete hours in here,” she said.

Stanton works with Caitlin Bechard, director of retention and student success, to run the lab, supervise tutors, and assist students in achieving success in college. ACE is located in the Utley Center, downstairs from the Chapel/Auditorium and next to the cafeteria. For more information about ACE, click here.