Campus store discounts RC apparel while transitioning to new name

by Brad Miller
Staff Writer

As Rochester College transitions this year to Rochester University, the campus store also has to change all of its apparel and logo-branded items.

Jennifer Pyszk, campus store manager, said she is no longer ordering merchandise that displays Rochester College or RC. “We will continue to sell what we have but at a discounted price. Everything with RC on it is now 30 percent off the marked price. We hope this allows everyone to grab a few more things that are RC before it's too late!”

While a few students intend to purchase RC items for nostalgic reasons, two students said they plan to wait.

Chloe Bachman, a freshman health science major, said, “I plan to keep attending Rochester in the future, so it only makes sense to wait.”

Mike Hardie, a freshman pre-nursing major, agreed. “In a year, it’ll be outdated, so even if the clothes are on sale now, I’d rather just wait.”

In the store, shoppers can find merchandise, such as hats, shirts, sweatshirts, pens, planners and highlighters.

Bachman said she goes to the store often to see if there’s anything she would like to purchase. “The quality of the clothing is very good. The clothes don’t rip or wear out badly after many uses. The store also offers things you wouldn’t expect like water bottles or little Rochester accessories.” She also appreciates that she can use her student card when purchasing items.

As the institution transitions to RU, a new college logo is being created by Push 22, an advertising and digital communications firm, in coordination with a logo design committee headed by Elliot Jones, RC’s director of communication services. The new logo will debut at the college's Partnership Dinner on Saturday, April 13.

“Once the logos are designed and campus has seen them, we will slowly start to build up our stock again,” Pyszk said. “We may, however, still keep around a select few RC alumni items.”

The campus store is located in Gallaher Building on the far west end of campus. The store is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.