Rochester College announces name change

Nicklas Grifhorst
Editor in Chief

Prior to the start of Rochester College’s annual homecoming basketball games, RC President Brian Stogner announced that RC will be changing its name to Rochester University.

The change will officially occur in August 2020, with the transition process happening in the meantime.

“We have always been at our best when we have worked together, believed in ourselves, and stayed committed to our shared vision, faith and principles,” said Stogner. “That’s what brought us to the milestone we’re at today, and it’s what will be needed as Rochester University continues its exciting journey.”


A detailed timeline for the change is expected to be released early January 2019. Upcoming changes will include a new mission, vision and logos for both the university and athletic teams. Student recruiting under the name Rochester University will begin in fall 2019.

“Our growth process will continue during, and well after, the name change is complete,” Stogner said. “We’re aiming high to expand our academics, to foster productive interfaith dialogue and to continue building our athletic programs and on-campus experience. It’s an incredible time to be at Rochester University.”