Olivia Deane makes the transition from student to staff at RC

by Danielle Smith
Staff Writer

Q: What brought you to RC and why do you choose to work here?

Olivia Deane.JPG

A: I was a student here first and what brought me here was God. I was in a spot before I came to RC without really knowing where my life was going to go. God opened all of the doors here and shut them everywhere else, so he made it pretty clear that this was the place he wanted me to be.

Q: Describe what you do on a typical work day.

A: Assistant Area coordinator is basically supervising the dorm. I live there with my husband and we sort of head up the RA staff by being the support system for them. As an administrative assistant, I do a little bit of everything like helping to keep track of budgeting things, and managing the box office for all of the performances that we have for the music and theater departments. I also help out with recruiting and anything else that anyone in the office needs.  

Q:What have you learned about RC since being here?

A: I think one of the first things that I learned here is that it really is a small community. There are definitely pros and cons that go with that as with any community of any size. It does feel like a family and I love that, but there are also moments when it feels like a dysfunctional family. But because we’re a family, we work through those times and I think we come out stronger on the other side.

Q:What is your proudest achievement in life?

A: Well, my husband is probably going to read this, so I’ll say getting married! Other than that, I would say directing “Steel Magnolias” here on campus. I love directing and being able to direct on a college level at the young age I was, was a really great experience.     

Q: Where did you work previously?

A: I worked retail for awhile in high school. I’ve worked at Michaels, a Family Christian store, Hobby Lobby, so I guess I was really into working at craft stores! I also had an office job at a moving company and it actually had a lot of similar responsibilities to what I do now. I did a lot of data input and filing, which a lot of people think is super boring but I enjoy those tasks.    

Q: What was your childhood like?

A: I spent the first six years of my life in Canton, Mich until my family literally outgrew the house that we were in. We then moved to Wayne and that is the home my parents still live in. I have five brothers and am the only girl, so it’s a big family and we were all homeschooled on top of it. My parents always said that if I survived to adulthood, I would be very well protected! I appreciated that though because I learned how to keep up with the boys because I had to. I think that was something that served me well going into adulthood. I had a great childhood and look back on it very fondly. We were a Christian family my whole life and there was never a time where I remember not going to church. I was saved at four years old by my brother who was six at the time. In the back of our minivan, he lead me in the “Sinner’s Prayer” and that has been my life. The interesting thing is that my husband, Jordan, was also saved at four years old so we were the only person that each other has met that was saved at that age.     

Q: What are your hobbies?  

A: I love watching “The Office”; it’s probably my favorite show of all time! Not a lot of people know this, but I am also really good at Candy Crush. I know a lot of people gave up Candy Crush like four years ago after the fad, but I still play it and am pretty good at it. That is sort of my thing that I go to mindlessly because I love the organization and problem solving that goes along with it.

Q: What obstacles have you overcome to get to where you are today and what advice do you have for others?

A: I feel like there hasn’t been a lot of big obstacles in my life; it’s just been a lot of little bumps in the road along the way. I think one of the biggest things for me is going back to freshman year of school here. I was very much a homebody; I loved spending time with my family so it was really difficult for me to be the first one of the kids to move out. I really didn’t want to live on campus my first semester here so I dealt with a lot of emotions over that, but God is faithful and got me through those times. I think it’s because of that I can look ahead at other times and know it’s going to be okay because God has my back. My advice is to first, take a breath and then think about the worst case scenario. That’s what got me through finals week all the time! I would always take a breath and determine that whatever the outcome, I would still have a family that loves me and three years from now, it won’t matter. Now that I’m graduated, it’s really difficult for me to remember those specific moments that were really stressful in school. I know that they happened, but it’s not something that I live my life thinking about every single day.   

Q: Who is your biggest influence/role model?

A: My mom. She was always a rock in our family. I look at how she homeschooled six kids, with five of them being boys who regularly caused property damage and I don’t know how she had the patience. She would always tell us that it was “on the job training,” so God kept providing more patience as she needed it with each situation. She just has this incredible faith and I hope to be half the woman that she is someday.   

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?

A: It was when I was working at the moving company. Since it was a small company, we would regularly send emails to the higher ups. There was this one day where I sent an email to the CEO of the company and I misspelled her name in the email! I didn’t tragically misspell her name because I only flipped around two letters, but it made it a completely different name. I can laugh about it now but it was pretty humiliating in the moment.