Dream Sessions Help Business Faculty Plan For Future

by Viktoras Merkevicius
Shield Staff

Professors in RC’s School of Business meet once a month to share their hopes and goals in Dream Sessions led by Dean Danette Cagnet, assistant professor of business. 

Cagnet described the Dream Sessions as collaboration and cooperation among the staff. “Dreaming about what could be done and what could we do as a team. There are no limitations in what we could be as a school of business,” she said.

Looking To The Future

The concept of dreaming for the business department is not new, but it is constant. Assistant Professor of Business Jaymes Vettraino said a person will never get to reality unless he or she has a dream about it. He also thinks that people, including the members of the Dream Sessions, should not limit themselves with thinking only about today, but think more often about the future.

“The dreaming we do is not for just for us, but what we can do for the students,” said Kathryn Stokes, assistant professor of business and a certified public accountant. She also wants to improve the Dream Sessions by working on finding more time to achieve the goals that were mentioned.

“It is easy to talk, but hard to do. It can be pushed away, because of lack of time. We all have classes, advisees and other commitments for the college; it is hard to find time. We want to, but it comes down to activities and courses,” she said.

Cagnet said finding a time when all the staff could meet can be difficult. She says professors are always trying to overcome their busy schedules by talking to each other during the Dream Sessions and maintaining an “open door” policy for each other.

Vettraino, who formerly served as city manager for Rochester, enjoys the monthly visits at the Dream Sessions. “The best teamwork happens when it is planned, but when staff solves our problems together. A monthly meeting is an excellent way to do it,” he said.

Goals For Dream Sessions

Vettraino compared meetings in the city government with the Dream Sessions and said working for a municipality is like being on a basketball team, where teamwork is essential. While the Dream Sessions is more like being an individual college student, where you meet with your peers, receive assignments, and carry them out until the next meeting.

The professors say that the ultimate goal of the Dream Sessions is to improve the college experience for students and help prepare them for life after college.

“Our Dream Sessions focus more on long-term goals, but with the hope of making them short-term realities,” Cagnet said.

While naming the sessions, Cagnet mentioned she didn't think too much about it, but now it seems as if naming the monthly meeting sessions with the concept of dreaming was a lucky shot in the dark. 

“I am glad we are doing this; I like the approach and where this approach is leading us,” Stokes said.

New Degree Programs

The business department is adding two new degree programs this year: a BBA in health care management and a bachelor of science degree in information systems.  Cagnet believes the Dream Sessions will continue to help the department improve and grow as it serves the students at Rochester College.