The London Trip: Growing in Faith Across the Ocean

by Lacy Schirmacher
Assistant Media Editor


The Rochester College GEO program has been the highlight of many RC student’s college careers. Offering trips to Uganda, Africa, Europe and a field study to Colorado and Utah. All three of these trips have enlightened and broaden the horizons of many Rochester College students for years. Now this exciting program is getting a new edition with the creation of the trip to London, England.

A New GEO Adventure

The Dean of Students Adam Baron has worked hard to create this new GEO experience for the students of the Rochester College community. Dean Baron was asked to express what he believed the appeal of this trip would be for Rochester College students.

He was happy to share some words about both his own excitement and to explain some details about what he hopes students will gain from the trip he has worked so hard to provide for the students.

“The students are going to have the time of their lives! I am confident that it will be very enriching for them in ways they cannot yet imagine. Of course there is the travel and being in a foreign country with all the different sites, sounds, and spells that will be enriching. However, what I am really excited about are the people that the students are going to meet who I have the privilege of introducing them to via many years of friendships across the pond.”

Experiences to Grow in Faith

The two week trip to London will take place over April 30-May 16 of each school year. Students will be taken to the major historical sites of London, such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Westminster Abby, and the famous University of Oxford.

The group will also travel North to stay at an 18th century manor house. They will also visit the many other important historical locations, such as the Lake District, once home of the famous romantic poet William Wordsworth and the Bronte House, home of the famous sister authors Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte. The city of Lancaster and Bolton Abby will be some of famous sites that they visit, and the village of Kirby Lonsdale will also be on the agenda.

These historical sites will show off all of the splendor and wonder that England has to offer. The beauty and the history that took place in these areas will provide a sense of wonder to those who visit; allowing them to reflect on the majestic history that took place.

When asked to express what he thought the students could gain from visiting these different sites, Dean Adam Baron provided his insightful option, “I think the trip will broaden student's perspective regarding how others live, think, and behave in another country versus their own. One cannot underestimate the value that such a trip does in transforming a student's sense of perspective, self-awareness, views of the world, and intellectual, social and spiritual development.”

The specific itinerary of the trip shows off the exciting events planned for attending students. The first week will take the students to the Holy Trinity Brompton Global Leadership Conference, which is there to equip Christians to express and hold on their faith in positions of influence.

After the conference the group will meet with Christian leader to gain some insight from their knowledge. Some of these leaders include Reverend Doctor Graham Tomlin, the Bishop of Kensington, and Steve Chalke, the founder of OASIS, a group formed to inspire Christians and help them to hold on to Christian values in all kinds of relationships. Each day will give the attending students a new opportunity to meet with these Christian experts and learn from their experience.

In the second week, the group will be heading to northern England and staying at Capernwray Hall, an international Bile School and Conference Center that provides a number of different ways to broaden Christian horizons with opportunities for learning and reflection.

While there, during the day, the group will go out to different sites and adventures across the English countryside and beyond. Then at night, the group will return to Capernwray Hall and join students from all around the European continent in nightly lectures about Christianity, religion and the Bible.

These events are all ready to provide a variety of new experiences for students to learn and grow. It is believed that the trip will open the students up to not only a different kind of culture represented throughout England, but also the effect that these cultures have on Christianity, allowing the student to gain insight and wisdom to add to their own faith.

A Lasting Impact

Adam Baron shared what he felt will be the lasting impact for students, “I believe the students who are going on this trip will be forever changed in a number of ways. I trust that God will use the experience in their lives to say something to them about who they are, why they are here, and what might be next for them in life.”

The London GEO trip will provide a wealth of information and opportunities for the students who attend to grow in not only their academic skills and knowledge, but also the opportunity to grow in their faith and love for God. The lasting impact that this adventure will have on the students will help them as they continue on their journey through life and their love of their Lord.