New Major at RC: Social Entrepreneurship

By Rianne Annis
Shield Staff  



The newest addition to Rochester College’s School of Business is the social entrepreneurship program, which debuts this spring.

New Major Influences Student to Switch Major

Sophomore Ciana Proctor changed from a nursing major to a social entrepreneurship major soon after it was announced as RC’s newest major last fall.

“I have always said that the thing I want to do most in life is help people, but there wasn’t a major for that and now there is. It is possible to create something that will make a difference,” says Proctor.

Definition of Social Entrepreneurship Program

In a nutshell, the social entrepreneurship program “Prepares students to make the world better through the efforts of government, for-profit, or nonprofit enterprise."

In addition to a core set of business classes, social entrepreneurship classes include Nonprofit Management, Strategic Leadership Theory and Practice, Small Business, and Organizational Behavior.

What can students do with this major?

Courses are designed to “prepare students to apply principles from business to help create or manage a venture that addresses challenging social issues," according to

 “If someone wants to help people and enjoys doing so, and/or if they want to make a difference, then they should definitely check out social entrepreneurship. There are so many different routes you can take and so many different ways you can be helpful and make an impact in the world," Proctor said. 

Professor Vettraino Helped Bring Program to RC

Jaymes Vettraino, former city manager of Rochester and current professor at Rochester College, has been instrumental in bringing this program to RC.

Vettraino came to Rochester College in the fall of 2014 as an adjunct professor teaching Organizational Behavior in the business department. In late fall 2015, the School of Business announced the social entrepreneurship degree program which would begin in spring of 2016.

Diverse Job Opportunities

Careers in Social Entrepreneurship can be quite diverse.

“You can start your own nonprofit or business, you can help others through marketing, management, etc. You can learn how to make a profit as a nonprofit, or make a social impact as a for-profit and take that to different companies,” Proctor said.

A career in social entrepreneurship has countless possibilities.