Learn About RC's Department of Mass Communication

By Milton Cribbs
Photo Coordinator

Overview of Mass Communication

Rochester College offers a variety of majors and degree programs for traditional students, ranging from prominent degrees such as nursing, or limited degrees such as ministry. Although RC has many options to choose from, I want to introduce you to the Department of Mass Communication

RC’s Mass Communication department offers students entry into the fascinating and fast-paced world of mass media. Students are taught various professional skills while also encouraged to explore the world around them, to investigate, think, write and create. Students who are enrolled in mass communication take courses classes such as:

  • Media Writing
  • Media Law
  • Campaign and Strategies
  • Photography
  • Publication and Design 

Not only are the classes interesting in itself, but the instructors in the mass communication department are nothing short of great. Dr. Carol Cooper, Lora Hutson, Elliot Jones, and Juilana Blankenship provide students with clear material and are all more than willing to assist students when needed.

Track Variety

Gathering information, creating ideas and then communicating them effectively to audiences are some of the tasks that mass communication students learn.

There are five different tracks offered by the Department of Mass Communication that students can specialize in, which are: Broadcasting, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Journalism, and Public Relations.

The Shield: Student Media Publication

On top of the variety of available tracks, the Department of Mass Communication also encourages students to participate in Rochester College’s student publication, The Shield. The Shield is run by Lora Hutson, who is the head adviser of the publication.

Lora started The Shield in 2000 when it was a newspaper, and she has overseen it – and its transformations – ever since. Lora has more than 30 years of experience in the PR and Journalism field. What’s exciting about The Shield is that a student isn’t required to be a Mass Communication major to be a part of The Shield, so all majors are welcomed.

The Shield offers the RC community both magazine and online content for students, faculty, and staff. For more information about The Shield contact Lora Hutson via email at lhutson@rc.edu

Preparing You for the Next Step

To be prepared for the media industry, students must obtain hands-on, practical experience. All mass communication majors earn experience while in college through internships, in workshop-type classes and by working for The Shield, RC’s student media.

Mass communication majors are required to complete a 150-hour internship with a professional organization before graduation. RC mass communication majors have interned in a variety of local media outlets, such as Channel 4 WDIV-TV, the “Oakland Press,” Fresh 100.3, FM98 WJLB, 97.1 The Ticket, Troy Cablevision, Habitat for Humanity, Campus Crusade for Christ, and many more.

With the coursework, internship and Shield work, students will graduate with a personal portfolio that will showcase their skills and experience.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

  1. Broadcasting students are prepared for careers in many areas of the broadcast and communication industries, including on-air talent, producers, writers, editors, camera operators, sound engineers, video technicians, etc.
  2. Digital Media students are prepared to work in many areas of the digital media arts field, including as videographers, video editors, webmasters, web designers, production assistants and multi-media/motion artists.
  3. Graphic Design students can enter many areas of the design field, including layout artists, prepress managers, web designers, flash designers, and multimedia designers.
  4. Journalism students are prepared for work as reporters, writers, and editors for both print and digital platforms.
  5. Public Relations graduates are equipped to work as public relations professionals for a variety of organizations, including corporations, nonprofits, and agencies.

Why You Should Join the Department Mass of Communications

When you join the Department of Mass Communications, you are joining a family of creative individuals who drives to make their mark into the media world. Not only will you learn about things related to mass media but you will also be exposed to hands on training in your desired field. Not only will you create content but you will also create memories and friendships that’ll last a lifetime. Does this interest you? If so, come join the Mass Communication family!