How to Have the Best RC Experience

By Amber Joseph
Magazine Editor

You counted down the days; you prayed for its quick coming, you rejoiced when the day was here that you could go to college. Now maybe years, or just a few months later, the glow of your university has gone away. You’ve made it through welcome weekend, stayed up late writing papers, made friends, but you are forgetting to fully enjoy your limited time at school.

            Rochester College is all about community and getting involved, but how do you make the most of your time here?


1. Attend an event (or six!)

Paint Wars 2015 

Paint Wars 2015 

            Students at Rochester College have many opportunities to get involved. From campus ministry to student government, organizations on campus are promoting student life on campus.

            Campus ministry has events that will get you meeting new people and get you away from your studies for a while. Student Government also organizes student events, from Homecoming to movie nights.

            The weekly “What’s Up” email is sent out every Monday, be sure to check it out and see what you can join!


2. Get Involved

            From social clubs and theatre to Shield and intramurals, you can find a place for everyone to plug-in and a place for every interest.

            Joining clubs will connect you with other students who have similar interests and make you feel included on campus. With such a small community, feeling like you have a place is important and joining in is a great way to accomplish that.

            RC’s former Dean of Students Candace Cain said, “The benefits from my perspective are the opportunity to stretch yourself and find out something that you might have just a tinge of thinking ‘maybe I should try that’. I think that teaches us to listen to ourselves and others, which is a great leadership characteristic.”


3. Live on campus


            From lazy Sunday afternoons to Tuesday night Taco Bell runs, residence life is a completely unique experience. While this option is more expensive, living on campus is a great way to get and stay involved. Dorm life immerses you in the community and is almost guaranteed to help you build long-lasting friendships.

            Students who are consistently on campus have support around them from peers who are experiencing similar things. If you are struggling with a paper at 2 a.m., odds are someone else is too and can help you out. Or if you’re feeling overwhelmed, people will always be around to talk to you.

            Laura Corp, senior accounting major, said that living on campus gives you opportunities to make friends you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

            Sam DeVries , Corp’s roommate and a sophomore theatre major, says she loves the relationships she has cultivated on campus.

            “It forces you to get to know people and is such a help in times of stress. If I don’t have a book or want to watch a movie, there is always someone there,” DeVries said.

            In addition to academic help, dorm life gives you more opportunities to have fun. Students are always watching movies in the auditorium, playing Ping-Pong in DC lobby or chatting with each other in their dorms. Residence life adds to the college experience. Even if you only stay for a year, living in the residence halls will give you an entirely new perspective on your campus and fellow students.  


4. Get Outside


            Many RC students forget how beautiful our own backyard is. This year Lake Norcentra Park, which is the park behind campus, has been getting a makeover. Although the project is far from over, students can enjoy the up-north feel right on campus.

            Benches have recently been added and trails have been revitalized that have allowed students to truly enjoy the area. Many students love taking their hammocks outside for a relaxing afternoon in nature.

            Matt Sander, senior biology major said, “The outdoor space behind campus gives you opportunity to spend time with God through nature. I absolutely love that we have a lake on campus, it’s so serene. The benches and work that has been done has made it easier to enjoy.”

            The trails behind campus also connect to downtown Rochester and several smaller hiking trails. Students can truly enjoy their surroundings by hiking, walking or just getting out and enjoying the outdoors.


5. Remember your limited time

            While some weeks feel like years, your time here at school is truly short. Enjoy the time where you see your best friends every day and can eat Taco Bell at 3 a.m. You will only be in college once and cherishing your time here will make your experience all the more worthwhile.