Green Brings People Together At RC

by Dylan Bole
Digital Editor


He walks into his cubicle with his wife’s photo on his right, and the quote “Every bit of time to accomplish all that God has you do” on the outside of the cubicle. 

Evan Green’s life is built upon faith and family. 

Currently, Green, an admissions recruiter at Rochester College, carries responsibilities of going to college fairs, emailing prospective transfer students, and meeting with parents of prospects.  Green’s job requires long hours and adds many miles onto his car’s odometer, but he says his job is fulfilling.

“The most rewarding part about being an admissions recruiter is helping a student and family start the next phase of their journey in higher education,” Green said.

Building Relationships

Green’s recognition of the importance of building relationships translates well with his job as an admissions recruiter.

"Evan is very comfortable as a public speaker, as well as with interacting with young adults, so he is the perfect fit for an admissions department that works directly with prospective students, “ said Mackenzie Rellinger, dean of enrollment.

Green also oversees RC intramurals, which includes creating the schedule, communicating rules to student workers and helping with refereeing.  Green, who graduated from RC in 2003, believes “intramurals are an integral part to help students have a pleasant experience on campus.”

Green’s ability to easily interact with others makes him an influential person on campus. For instance while watching an intramural game, Evan congratulated a student for her amazing juke move that led to a touchdown. He runs over and gives her a high five saying, “That was the highlight of the night.” 

Making Others Better

Green easily combines his leadership duties with expressing compassion and support, making him a genuine person that students can talk to.  “I feel that Evan being as genuine and kind as he is has a direct impact on the people he works with,” Rellinger said. 

Garth Pleasant, chair of the Department of Physical Education, stresses the importance of associating with people who make you better. “I believe that is the impact Evan has on others, he makes you a better person,” Pleasant said.

Before choosing RC, Green almost attended Oakland University.  “I was accepted, admitted, enrolled and getting ready to start classes at OU,” he said.  He then began to think about the size of the classes at OU and became intimidated.  His best friend told him to check out RC.  He “drove around the corner” met some staff, filled out the paperwork and became an RC student. 

At RC, Green was the basketball team manager under Garth Pleasant. This experience sparked his interest in the technical details of the sport. “I began to enjoy basketball from a different perspective,” he said.  This interest in basketball and connection to RC led to his current position as an assistant basketball coach. 

Faith & Change

Green’s faith has always been a crucial component of his life, but he says his faith “became real to me” during his college years.

Green’s first job took him to Duluth, Georgia, where he worked as an executive pastor for one year at Global Destiny Church. “I went to Georgia and had tons of professional experience working in ministry,” he said. While in Georgia, he also worked for Apple Inc. This experience made him embrace change, which he says was a big challenge for him. “I have been very stubborn in my ways, and not always accepted change,” Green said.

Yet when working for Apple, he ran into new initiatives and sales techniques, forcing him to be adaptable. “Those experiences, oddly enough, kind of helped me be flexible,” Green said.  He also learned a life lesson that change is constant and always around us. 

However, Green had a chance to return home, and he jumped at the opportunity.

Returning Home

After two years in Georgia and marrying his wife in 2008, Green said, “It felt like time for me to come home and get plugged back in to the church I grew up in.”

He now had experience in ministry and serves as an associate pastor at his home church. When he returned to Michigan, he also worked at a charter school, teaching boys and girls basketball. 

And basketball is what connected him back to RC.

In 2014, he worked the Lake Norcentra Basketball Camp. “Coach [Garth] Pleasant allowed me to assist with basketball activities there and work with campers and camp counselors,” Green said.

This opportunity is when he met Klint Pleasant, vice president for admissions, who eventually hired him to be an admissions recruiter.

“When my son, Klint, saw how reliable, hard working, and the people skills Evan possessed, he asked him to come work in enrollment services, “ Garth Pleasant said. 

Klint Pleasant also saw Green’s passion for basketball at this camp and offered him an assistant coach position.

Faith, Family & Sports

Green’s jobs as an associate pastor, basketball assistant coach, admissions recruiter and intramural coordinator allows him be involved with his life’s passions of faith, family and sports.  He wants to impact students like he was transformed while at RC.

“I sincerely value the relationships with students, friends that I made, likewise staff during my time as a student, “ Green said. 

He learned many lessons as an RC student and shares them with current students. He tells students to get involved outside of the classroom in order to make connections and “experience campus life,” Green said. 

He also emphasizes the importance of building good relationships with teachers. “One of the things that benefitted me the most as a student was knowing that my professor’s knew my first name and if I ever needed extra help I could send an email or knock on their office door,” Green said. 

His last piece of advice is to find a balance between social life and academics.  “Making sure that you are spending the right amount of time to excel in classes and still not be walking zombies,” Green said. 

In his return to RC, Green has brought his knowledge about basketball, communicating and connecting with people back to the college. His outgoing personality and commitment to working hard has made him a valuable addition to the admissions team, intramurals and basketball coaching staff.  He continues to have a positive influence on others at RC. 

“I can honestly say that my association with Evan has made me a better person,” Garth Pleasant said.