A Guide To Valentine's For All The Single Ladies


by Elise Mansour
Shield Staff

Feb. 14 is a day filled with roses, romantic dinners and that special someone in your life. Now this seems ideal for someone in a committed relationship, but what about those of us who are single?

Don’t worry, you are not fated to catch those Valentine’s Day blues just because love is in the air. Single people can have just as much fun on Valentine’s Day as those in a relationship.

Chocolate & Flowers

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, the two main components that make up this holiday are chocolate and flowers. If you’re looking to show yourself some love, stop by the local supermarket and pick up some gourmet treats to help make the day more bearable or, if you feel like spreading the love to someone close to you, you can buy a card or something special for them as well.

Mona Shattell, associate professor in nursing and community psychology at DePaul University, says Valentine's Day and its expectations can have an effect on mental health.  “For people who are already depressed and single, this holiday can be a trigger. Not to say that every single person is depressed on Valentine’s Day, but it’s a couple's holiday and that can have an impact on mental health.”

If you’re one of those people who find it hard to be single on Valentine’s Day, don’t spend it alone. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to spend your night the stereotypical way.

Get Together With The Girls

Instead of spending Valentine’s Day sitting on the couch all night watching romantic movies and “claiming” the only men you need in your life are Ben and Jerry, gather a group of single girlfriends and have a girl’s night on the town. Throw yourself together and slap on a pair of heels and have some fun. Besides, who says only couples are allowed to have fun on Valentine’s Day?

Lastly, use the money you would have spent on an expensive Valentine’s Day present and treat yourself to a dinner, drinks and dessert. Everyone deserves a little “me time” every now and then and this is the perfect way to spend time out without being completely by yourself.

Celebrate You

Valentine’s Day does not necessarily have to be about celebrating being in a relationship; rather it can be a celebration of self-love. You may choose to either spend the day drowning yourself with self-pity or you can channel your self-confidence and beat the sad single stereotype.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet that special someone?!