Biggest Loser Contestant Shares Unseen Side of Reality TV

 By Collin Crosby
Shield Staff


Buddy Shuh, pastor at Merge Community Church arrived at Rochester College Thursday Dec. 1st to share his experience on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.

Buddy Lost 100 Pounds on the Show

Buddy was on season 13 of the show and came to Dr. Carol Cooper’s Introduction to Mass Communication class to talk about the unseen side of reality television. Buddy shared that he was on the show for five and a half months and that he started the show at 450 pounds. Buddy lost 100 pounds on the show and made it to the final five contestants!

The network’s goal was physical health transformation, but they didn’t care if it was a healthy way to lose the weight or not. Each contestant was subjected to six hours of cardio a day, burning from 6000 to 7000 calories a day while having a daily intake of 1600-1700 calories.

Contestant Rules 

During the show, contestants aren’t allowed to speak to their families and they have their phones and computers taken from them. Also, show contestants cannot watch TV or go onto social media. On the show, contestants have to cook their own healthy meals. There was no weight training on the show because it would slow weight loss. The contestants were also part of integrated advertising for Subway which they were shown ‘eating’ food from a Subway restaurant but in reality the contestants couldn’t eat the Subway and had to spit it out.

When watching the show you would think that they are with the main trainers all the time, Bob and Stacy. Buddy shared that the main trainers were there for three five-hour days per week and the rest of the time they worked with sub-trainers.

 In the gym where the contestants worked out, there was no music due to having to pay somebody for the use of the music, or no fans because it would affect the audio on the microphones. 

Buddy Won a Makeover and All-Expenses Paid Trip to Hawaii

There were also some perks to being on the show, Buddy won a challenge on the show and got a makeover and a trip to the White House to work out with Michelle Obama. Buddy also received an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii.

'Blurch': Biggest Loser Church

Buddy also talked about the people on the show and how they all come from different background. He also mentioned that a few of the contestants would get together and pray for the upcoming week, then it turned into what Buddy calls ‘Blurch’ (Biggest Loser Church) where they would meet every Sunday and sing and pray.