New Major at RC: Worship Ministry

By Rachel Murdock
Shield Staff


What all does this major entail?

 Many of RC’s majors are 52-hour majors, with an 18-hour minor of the student’s choice, and then nine elective hours. The worship ministry major is 65 hours, which includes a built-in minor, and offers 14 elective hours. In those 65-hours, there are 40 hours of ministry courses (the “Ministry Core”). These are the same ministry courses that are required in any of our other ministry degrees (Christian, Youth & Family, or Urban Ministry). The degree also includes a “Worship Arts Core,” which is 25 hours of music and theatre courses.

Why would someone be interested in taking on this major?

The goal of this new degree offering is to train and equip leaders for the wide range of demands for contemporary worship leadership. Rather than viewing worship ministry as a hobby or something a person might do in addition to his or her career, this degree hopes to emphasize the centrality of worship to the formation of communities of faith.

What would the post-college opportunities be for someone who majored in this?

The degree is primarily intended for people whose career or future goals include worship leadership – that may be in a congregational setting, or in other related contexts. A person would be prepared for such a career, or to go on to graduate school in either theology or music.

Why did RC create this major / Why do we have it now?

In the past, students who were interested in worship ministry would either need to (a) be a christian ministry major who happened to take some music courses, or (b) be a music major who happened to take some ministry courses. By combining music and ministry courses, we are hoping to make it possible for students to focus equally on those two aspects of worship leadership. We also now offer courses in which those two aspects intentionally overlap, rather than leaving it up to the student on his or her own to synthesize content from two different fields of study.