RC Psych Students Need Participants For Research Studies

Students enrolled in Rochester College's Psychology Seminar course are researching various original topics and need participants to help as they gather data. 

Dr. Robyn Siegel-Hinson, professor of psychology and instructor of the Psi Chi award-winning course, says RC psychology students have achieved a 100 percent invitation rate to regional conferences over the past four years. "I am bursting with pride for my students' research ability," she says.

This year's course size is the largest ever, which means there are many projects and researchers needing participants. To volunteer for any of the listed projects, contact the student doing the project or Siegel-Hinson at rsiegel-hinson@rc.edu.

  1. Social Media and Mood (Jeff Suma)

  2. Handedness and Memory (Jennifer Toth)

  3. Coping Strategies Inherent in Religion (Codie Myers)

  4. Typing vs Writing Note Taking - Generational Differences (Chris Carcamo)

  5. What Is It About Yoga and Anxiety? (Hana Margiljaj)

  6. Collegiate Extracurricular Activity, Intelligence, and Relationships (Elise Halterman)

  7. Home Schooled vs Public Schooled (Joe Giordano)

  8. The Unconscious: Do All Lives Matter? (Rachel Morgenstern)

  9. Confidence and Locus of Control (Tamara Sturdivant)

  10. Relaxation and Personality Types (Seth Lawson)

  11. Reflective Self-Esteem (Cassie Smith)

  12. Cell Phone Use Study (Jonathan Kocik)

  13. A Study in Gender and Horror (Kirsten Thomason)